Children Are Not A Waste of Time

There is no such thing as a wasted time when it comes to children.  I know we live in a culture that looks at children as loud and a nuisance, but they are not.  Every single moment needs to be the most important moment you have.  The truth is you just don’t know how much time you will have with them, so why waste it?  Naturally the most important thing we can teach our kids is a love for God.   I take whatever opportunity I can to talk with my children about God.  What is even more fun is when the kids tell me that they prayed for someone or something on their own.  For example, my 5-year-old son ended up being the only kid in his swimming class because the other kid had a melt down and left.  That night my son prayed that this other kid would be able to participate.  The next day, the kid stayed.  As subtle as that is, it does highlight the ability we have to communicate with God and the ability God has to answer.

We plant seeds of God’s Word into the life of our kids and they then are able to recall them at the appropriate times.  It starts at home and parents need to step up and do it.  There is far too much indifference or unwillingness to do the hard work of interaction with children.  One of the more practical ways we have seen this happen recently was through music at VBS.  I love to hear my kids walk around the house singing songs they learned at church or VBS.  The other night my 5-year-old son woke up after having a bad dream.  Do you know what he did?  He sang his song from VBS to help him calm down.  The words of the song stated that he had no reason to be afraid because God is with him. Awesome!

God is at work in the lives of our children!  They pick up so much of what they see and hear that it reminds us to be intentional about what we show them.  I want my kids to know God’s Word and to have it integrated into their lives.  I want them to pray for each other and for other people because it has been a natural part of their upbringing.  God can do something in anyone.  Let’s not  sell them short with the notion that they are just kids.  The fact is that they are not just kids, but they are kids who are dearly loved by God.  That small distinction changes everything.

So, let me conclude today by showing a very short, poor quality, video from the VBS closing program last week.  Perhaps you can join me today in praying for our young people who are growing up in a world that is increasingly against God.  They need adults who are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and are willing to point the way.  Looking at these kids makes me wonder where each of them will end up, sort of like at graduation this year.  I pray that they follow Christ and make a difference in the world they live in. We need them to just as much as they need you to!



  1. Today on my son’s 17th birthday, the words are true and clear. I was at a hot dog truck run by Wounded Warriors off exit 10 on Rte 124, and Cory was sharing with me that someone in his school was saying “freedom is free” and Cory was explaining that it isn’t, that those who went before us paid ofr it. Then when it came time to pay for the meal, I told Cory I had it, because we didn’t have alot of time left where I can treat him like this, as he would soon be moving out (relatively) and he dropped a $20 in the tip jar. I looked at him incredulous and said, “Son, that is more then twice what the lunch cost, why did you do that?” “Because freedom isn’t free.” was the reply. He is a good and loving boy (young man) and his compassion for others is something that I am so happy he has. He gets it from his mother 🙂

  2. I wish I had focused more with my own children, so I do with the grand kids. We talk about God, we pray, we learn the stories and verses, etc. at age appropriate levels. They eat it up, and I love teaching them while they’re young. This is a TMI story, but I occasionally have trouble with rashes in the arm pit area. When my 8 yo gd was here, I was a mess. She said, ” Gramma, tonight I’m going to pray for your arm pit.” the next day it was much better and she just knew God had answered her prayer. I love when they pray about things adults might not. She’s learning early to go to God about everything. Awesome!

    1. Those things all increase their faith and realization that God is a real, personal, loving God. I love it when they sing songs too because they are singing things that are going to be helpful to them later on.

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