The Lego Jar (7/28/12) – Easter in July

Welcome to this week’s Lego Jar where all the loose ends from the week end up.  The contents, like the actual Lego Jar on our window sill, are diverse and colorful.  If this is your first time to the Lego Jar, I welcome you and invite you to read some of the others posts to catch up.

This week we had an Easter celebration.  The last two years we were going to be at someone’s house for Easter and both times things changed.  This year we decided to reschedule it and it finally happened in July.  I like celebrating in July because it was warm enough for us to eat outside, swim in the pool and have smores.

I mentioned in last week’s post that our yard has started to look like a scene from the movie “holes.”  The kids are digging trenches in the yard.  I am not sure what they are doing, other than knocking teeth out with shovels.  This is one of those areas where we just let them dig.  There is nothing there they can hurt, other than each other, and it has turned into a big work project for the boys.  Maybe they will find gold or oil.

We had a day this week where it rained heavily for a short time, leaving puddles on the roadl.  Later on in the day we went for walk and ended up running through all the puddles.  My 2-year-old boy didn’t ride a bike, so he would run through all of the puddles, jumping his way down the road.  He arrived home very wet, but he had fun.  The two older boys and myself rode through the puddles.

One scene of disaster had nothing to do with the weather.  I happened to be home with my two youngest children on Friday morning and couldn’t believe the trail that my daughter left when I gave her a snack.  It was like a storm had hit and there was debris everywhere.


Lastly, there are two things I would like to share that my 5-year-old son said this week.  At one point he told me that his birthday was not “until two power cords.”   You might recall that he has a unique way of measuring things using plums and gallons.

The other things he said will probably turn into a post at some point.  He was once again trying to get his brother in trouble by telling us something that he said.  This time he didn’t actually say this thing.  I knew that and I called him out on it.  His reply, “well he whispered it in his head.”

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That is the end of the Lego Jar this week.  I trust you will have a wonderful weekend! 



    1. Two dogs! We do not have a dog (obviously) and I can’t see us ever getting one. My kids try to convince me that it would be a great idea, but it is going to take something more than that to convince me. As a downside, we put up with the mess.

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