Notice The Unnoticed

Routine is a friend to parents of young children, but an enemy to noticing things.  This routine allows you to drive past the same buildings everyday and never notice it until that building burns down.  As soon as there is a significant change you notice it.

Let me take today to throw out a challenge to you.  When you leave the house today or tomorrow, make a special point to pay attention to what is going on around you.  I don’t mean you drive super slow and stare at everything.  It is about more than just noticing scenery, it might be something that God is trying to show you.  It might be a chance for you to exhale and let some of the stress wash away.   It could be a person to encourage to talk with.  Whatever the case, there is certainly beauty to be found if you just look at your world from a different point of view.

Recently I was out on the flats at low tide and I noticed, for the first time, the way the sand had been shaped by the waves.  Everyday the tide comes in and goes out.  This leaves marks in the sand that are beautiful and diverse.   It was such a beautiful thing that I couldn’t believe that I had been there so many times and never even stopped to notice.

What is there right in your daily walk of life that you are missing?  Who are you missing?  I think it is an important thing for us all to consider.  There could be blessing for you and for someone else the time is taken to stop and notice.



  1. I learned very early you have to take the time to notice things. There are times when, in a rush, I will fail to notice the minutia that shouts silently for attention. When I find that happening, I know I need to slow down.


    1. It is easy to fall into that, especially when each day looks fundamentally the same. I know I need to look around more, not just for scenery, but for people who might need some help. Slowing down is hard for our fast paced culture, but it is necessary to enjoy the little things. Today I was swimming at a pool and was just enjoying my time in the deep end without the kids. I just threaded water and enjoyed the relaxing feeling of being up to my head in water. It was just what I needed. If there were other people there, I might have missed the calmness of that moment.

  2. Convicting words. God has been dealing with me in this area. I tend to get focused on something to such a degree I miss really important things. One thing about kids–they can pull you out and point out the things adults overlook. :). Angie

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