Nehemiah 11 &12- Leadership Sets the Pace

It is Sunday which means we continue our leadership series today. If you have missed any, you can find them all listed under the “Sunday Series” tab above.

Nehemiah 11 & 12- Leadership Sets the Pace

Part 1- What’s the Next Step?

1.  The residents of Jerusalem had come a long way in nearly every category.  They had restored almost every area of brokenness.  There were, however, still some practical matters to take care of right away.  There was no time to stand around and pat each other on the back.    Everything was changed now and it would continue to change as things moved forward.  Nehemiah has seen what they could become and doesn’t want them to stop until they get there.

Leadership Principle # 1-  Leaders are never satisfied with where things are at.  They are looking to the future and what could become of the people.

2. They are finally prepared to dedicate this wall to God.  It is a time of celebration and joy as they praise God for the way he has brought order to the chaos.

“Servant leaders entrusted with a mission cannot complete that mission on their own.  God gives us work to do that which is beyond the abilities of a single person, and a leader learns to involve others —- their wisdom, gifts, and callings” – Gene Wilkes in Jesus on Leadership.

Leadership Principle # 2-  Leaders are constantly reminding themselves and the people they lead that the mission is only possible with God.  It is him who give us the abilities to do the work and it is Him who gets the praise for the completed project.

What areas are you leading in?  What areas are you supposed to be leading in but are letting someone else set the pace?  



  1. Interesting. I’m sure I have some places to take stock in this area. I really like the reminder of who gets the glory and the always looking forward. There is no standing still, there is only forward or backward movement. I retread some of your leadership posts because I found a group I lead sliding backward–tweak time! It’s funny how you can have one going forward and one going back – same leader, so what’s the difference. I’m liking your Sunday posts :). Angie

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