The Lego Jar (7/14/12) – Taking the Kids Out

Brothers on the hammock

This week’s Lego Jar is full of things that came from our two day trip to Lake Winnipesaukee.  You know that the trip going to be a good one when my 5 year old son falls off a stool at a sandwich shop and spills his chocolate milk on the floor.  It is always him. He made it to the lake, though, in relatively good shape.

We were on the lake for two full days.  When I say full, I mean that we did a week’s worth of activity in two days.  The kids were non-stop, but keep in mind they don’t get out much.  With the water so close, we would swim, then fish, then swim again and then fish again.  We would then repeat the process with a little food thrown in there for good measure.

His first bass– very exciting for him!

Fishing –  There were fish in the water, we just didn’t catch too many of them.  However, we did see several large Bass one morning and my 7 year old son managed to catch a Bass, among other fish.  What was interesting about the Bass he caught was that it was at a moment I was not even paying attention to it.   He had tangled his pole up again in his effort to learn how to cast.   I was a little annoyed that I had to untangle his line so many times, so I had just cut it off in order to tie it again.  The end with the worm was still in the water and I was working on the other side.  All of a sudden the bobber went under and my son grabbed the line with his hand.  The fish immediately jumped out of the water and he ended up pulling it in by hand.  He was so proud!  What made the moment even better was that all the kids were out there as well.  They were so excited! I did not have my phone, but luckily his aunt was there with her phone.  I will post the video on the blog’s Facebook page.  Other than that, we caught a few fish and had some good bonding time on the water.

Swimming –  My kids are getting much more daring when it comes to jumping in the water.  A few years ago they were too chicken to venture very far.  This year they are jumping in constantly. All of them, I should say, except for my 2-year-old son, were in the water as much as possible.  Even the youngest member of our family enjoyed her time in the water.  The one incident revolved around a horse fly the size of a small bird that attached itself to the head of our very dramatic 5-year-old son. (it is always him)  It bit him and then came after me when I tried to get it.  He told me that he was never going outside again.  The next morning he was in the water again.

Enjoying the view – We live on the Cape, so water is not an unusual sight.  We don’t have the mountains in the background and we don’t have instant access to water here, so we took full advantage of that.  Our camp fires were fun right by the water.  I even made a stick for marshmallows that allowed me to stay far enough away.  We also managed to take the two older boys on a canoe ride to an island where there were blueberries.  They were not ripe yet, but that didn’t prevent my kids from filling their pockets with them.  They wanted to bring a snack along, but couldn’t even wait until they got back in the canoe.


Ride in the canoe

During the day


We went on a walk one morning and my kids informed me that they were looking for a King Cobra.  They did not find one, but they didn’t seem to believe me when I told them they weren’t going to find one.  They looked the whole way up the road.

Looking for Cobras with his walking stick

I will probably post some more about this over the next week and share the video I took.  The kids had an awesome time, the weather was perfect and we spent time with family. What else would we rather do?

Other News –  There were two other things worth noting this week for The Lego Jar.  The first is that one night after supper we were having a fruit salad I put together.  In the salad were some peaches.  My two-year old pulled one out and proceeded to try to remove the “wrapper” from the peach before he ate it.   This didn’t work real well, but was really cute.

Removing the “wrapper” from the peach

Our kids have an obsession with spiders.  They are afraid of them and yet they want to see them.  One day my 5-year-old son told me that he had spotted a ginormous, 100 gallon tarantula. I guess he is now measuring spiders differently as well, sort of like he uses the word “plum” as a measurement.

As a late addition to this, my two older boys were making their own fishing poles again Friday afternoon.  This time they used their light sabers and some paper clips.  They even found worms to put on their paper clip hooks.  Do you think they like to fish?

Fishing on the deck

Enjoy the weekend!  



  1. WOW! What a catch.. These kids will never forget some of the things that you all do togather.. God Bless you and your family… Please don’t ever loose that touch that you have togather… I just can’t say it enough… Blessings my friend… Bro Pat.

  2. I love the 100 gallon spider. Little V does that to me…often. The bass story is cool. That is one for the “remind him of this story when he has his first girlfriend over to meet the family” stories.

      1. Never underestimate the value of such stories during the introductory dinner or picnic where you meet her parents.
        (Yes, that is the voice of experience speaking…and producing the laughter.)

  3. It sounds wonderful, except for the fly, spider and king cobra. Had one of those jumping spiders in the shower with me this morning. Your boys would have loved it. I wasn’t so thrilled. My daughter is the spider killer in the family. Building memories with the kids –priceless!!!

    1. There was never going to be a King Cobra, but don’t tell them that. They don’t understand that they don’t live here. I don’t know that my kids would have like the spider that much, but they would have probably been scared at first and then mad when you killed it. I hit one at lunch today and one of my kids yelled at me for killing the spider that God made for eating bugs. Yet, other times they scream for me to come squish it. I guess I just can’t win.

      1. Speaking from experience, no, you can’t win! At least not till your kids are much older. Yet they don’t like daddy long-legs which aren’t spiders and have no way to hurt them if they wanted too. I don’t like them either, but I’d think boys would. It’s the long legs that creep me out! My spider was so tiny I could hardly see him (with my old lady eyes). They probably would have thought he was incredibly cute. Jumping spiders are new to my house, and I am NOT amused! Ah well, kids are so much fun!!!!

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