Nehemiah 6 & 7 – Leadership is Completing Tasks

We are working our way through Nehemiah for our Sunday Series.  If you missed a week, you can find them under the tab above.  I intentionally don’t write out a bunch of verses here so that people take the time to read from their Bibles.

Task complete?

Nehemiah 6 & 7- Leadership is Completing Tasks 

Part 1- Not being Distracted

1. The wall was now nearly completed.  However, the opposition to this was still there and getting even more desperate.  So, they send a message to Nehemiah for him to come and see them.  However, Nehemiah is wise to their tricks and refuses to leave.

Leadership Principle # 1-  Leaders know what to focus their attention on and what to ignore.

2. Nehemiah received the same message four different times and each time he responded with the same answer to them.  Then he sends an aid to deliver a sealed message.  Inside of that is an accusation that the people were planning a revolt and that is the reason the wall was being built.  Nehemiah doesn’t fall for the bait and says, “Nothing like what you are saying is happening;  you are just making it up out of your head.”

Leadership Principle # 2-   Leaders don’t waste time with frivolous accusations made in foolish ways.  Instead, they respond with grace letting them know it is not true and continuing on with the task.

3.  Nehemiah understands the importance of the mission he has been called to do.  This had implications both in the immediate future and in the future when Jesus comes.  This city needed to be rebuilt for all of God’s redeeming plans to be fulfilled.  So, he once again prays for God to strengthen his hands.

Leadership Principle # 3-  Leaders constantly renew their strength in the Lord through-out the process.

Part 2- Seeing it Through to the Next Step 

1. Finally the wall was completed and the enemies lost their confidence in being able to mess the plan up.  After all, it was clearly God doing the work.  Nehemiah’s first task was to appoint some leadership.  He put in charge two people because they were men of integrity who feared God.

“The first thing to look for in any kind of leader or potential leader is strength of character.  Character flaws cannot be ignored.  They will eventually make a leader ineffective — every time” – John Maxwell

Leadership Principle #4-   Leaders see a task through by appointing and developing the right leaders.

2.  Nehemiah then equips them for what they need to be doing.  They were supposed to keep the gates closed and appoint residents as posts and guards.  This is all part of the process of seeing the project through to completion.

Leadership Principle #5 –  Leaders are always looking for ways to equip other people to do the work of the ministry.  This multiplies their effectiveness.

3. Over this time of ruin many people had left the city. Now that the wall was back in place, the next step was to get people to come back to rebuild their homes.  Nehemiah was able to locate the people and they returned from exile.  This project became about more than just a wall built, it was a spiritual revival.

“The goal in Nehemiah’s day was the restoration of Israel to God’s high purpose for them.  They were to be a light to the nations.  They would be the channel through which the Savior of the world would come.  Fulfilling such a high calling required a repopulated nation” John Kitchen in “Revival in the Rubble

Leadership Principle # 6-  Leaders see the value of the task for the people both right now and in the future.


So, what do you think?  How has this happened in your life?  How do you wish it would happen?


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