I need a canoe!

You know it is a solid weekend when you are able to go fishing three separate times.  The boys and I all caught fish this weekend at four different ponds on the Cape.  So, in an effort to remind my wife that I need a canoe or some other small floating fishing platform, I have a few pictures to share from our weekend. (okay, that isn’t the only reason)  Before I get to that, let me share two different joys that come when I take my kids fishing.

1- They talk to everyone.  This is somewhat unusual for this part of the country.  In fact, some people are down right shocked that someone even acknowledges them that they completely ignore us.  Either that or they are just from another state *gasp* and don’t associate with the locals.  That’s okay because we don’t associate with them either, unless we are with my kids.  They don’t care who it is.  They will say “hi” until the person acknowledges or I distract them.  Over the weekend they managed to lecture a man about how smoking was bad for him and also scare a man into thinking they were going to put a hole in his inflatable boat.  Good stuff!

2-  They help each other. In fact, I was able to take all three of my boys fishing on Sunday afternoon and we were all able to fish.  My younger two got sick of it after a while and played in the water, but it still worked out very well. I was even able to keep them out of the Poison Ivy.  I think it is time for a canoe, don’t you?

3-  (yes, I know I said two) My oldest son has really taken to fishing.  This really thrills me because it is something that we can enjoy together.  He has learned to cast, albeit sideways, and has started to make an attempt to remove fish from his own hooks. Right now he is quite concerned with their well being.   I always have to remind him that they will be alright.  Well, of course I did catch an 18 inch Largemouth Bass on Saturday and it slipped out of my hand onto the concrete.  He was very concerned about that one, but it swam away.

Every bit of time I have with my children is a precious, purposeful time.  I know that they appreciate this time so much and there is only so much of it available.

Three little boys sitting on a log

They caught their first trout– just a but too small to keep


He gave all his fish a kiss before they went back



  1. These are the things that make for good stories 20 years from now. I agree with The Hook that you did a good thing. This is the glue that makes relationships happen.

    1. We went fishing again the next day. My oldest is really into it now. But, they just love being out there with me. I know these days are limited, so I want to make the most of them.

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