The Lego Jar (6/16/12) – I think I’m seasick

Well, we are wrapping up the school year here.  That means that a lot of time has been devoted to school activities this week.  This week’s Lego Jar consists of some odd and some cute.  In either case, there is much to sort out this week.  Let me start with the title of this post.

We live surrounded by water, but we don’t live on a boat.  One day this week my 5-year-old son told us that he felt like he was seasick. Of course, we asked him why he thought he was seasick.  He replied, “Because I swam too much and drank too much salt water.”  If it were later in the summer he might at least have a logical point.  But, since we have only been there one time this year, it made no sense.  But, we are just getting started.

What made that even more interesting was that while at a doctor appointment this week he told the doctor that he didn’t swim.  But, that doesn’t mean too much since he also told the doctor that only women have surgery.  When I walked into the hospital he immediately asked me if he was going to have surgery.  He then saw a nurse that we know and he asked her if she was doing surgery.  So, surgery was the theme and not never swimming.  He just says whatever comes to mind at any given time, so it just depends on when you ask him the question.

Last Saturday I took my oldest son to one of the many mini-golf places on the Cape.  He was invited to go to a birthday party there and to play a round of golf.  Once I realized that they had a large group of kids, I decided I didn’t need to golf.  But, my son insisted that I golfed with him.  So, I went and paid for a round.  When I got back he had already left without me. I did what anyone would do.  I played by myself.  I looked pretty pathetic playing mini-golf by myself.  I did enjoy the quiet and even kept score. (and won)

Monday was field day at the elementary school.  It was a great day for outdoor games and it is usually a highlight for the kids.   The funny thing is that we sent extra clothes and still ended up going back to the school to bring him more.  My son likes getting wet.  Which reminds me, on Friday night I drilled holes into our swing set because it was filling up with water.  A lot of water ran out and my son wanted me to drill holes in everything.  But, what was gross was that he was sticking his head in it and drinking it.  Ahhh….oh, where was I?   Field day..right. 

Yes, he got wet.

On Friday, there was a program at school and a send off for the 2nd graders.  In our town there are two elementary schools, so next year he will be at the other one.  It is a huge deal for him.  He talks about it constantly.  If you want to watch a video from this, you can click the link. (here)

The Class of 2022

When I came home on Friday, there was a flip-flop on the roof of our house. It might be hard to see in the picture, but right above the window is an orange flip-flop.

Right above the window is an orange flip flop

Well, that is a long way up there and I don’t have a ladder long enough to reach it.  I approached it with a few difference options.  We could get a fishing pole out and cast up there, hoping to snag it.  I have a rope with a hook on the end, but upon further review I realized that I would probably break the window.  So, I went to the basement to assess the tools I had.  I found a curtain rod and knew that it would do the trick.  I went up to that window, opened the top and used the curtain rod to reach the flip-flop.  I got it down and was hailed the hero.  The question in my mind: “How did that flip-flop get up there?”

Our daughter got a second tooth this week and is starting to make more attempts at walking.  You will note that she also has her very own flip-flops, but her pair did not end up on the roof. She is such a girl!

Happy girl!

Last week in the Lego Jar, I mentioned my 5-year-old son and how he was reciting the Directv commercials.  Well, this week I captured it on video.  I don’t know why he let me, but I was glad he did.

And, of course, what would the week be without some pictures of a child sleeping at the dinner table?

Exciting dinner time conversation

Well, I think that does it for this week.  I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and you enjoy some adventures with the people you are with.



    1. They keep me laughing and I am glad to share them. I know that I have family who read these also and get to see what my kids are up to. They are not close to us here so this helps. — My kids are typical kids, yes.

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