Stop it already!

As the world turns, the same old patterns continue.  You would think that in our modern era, people would learn from the mistakes of others.  Yet, every morning I read the newspaper and I often will say, “unbelieveable.”  This week I was reading an article about John Edwards and his trial.  I don’t know all the details of it, but I do know that he was accused of using about $1 million of secret funds to cover-up the fact that he had an affair with someone and she was pregnant.  Hmmm…someone having an affair and covering up the results illegally….

Alright, all of you Bible students, does this sound familiar to you?

Many years ago, King David was a man who was in power, but not at war like he was supposed to be.  He noticed a woman bathing on the roof of another building and decides he likes her.  They have an affair and she gets pregnant.  In pure chump fashion, he tries to cover it up by bringing Uriah, her husband home.  But, Uriah, in stark contrast to David, was honorable and did not want to be with his wife when he was supposed to be at war.  So, in an act of irony, David writes a letter saying that Uriah was to be killed in battle and sends it with Uriah back to the guy in charge, Joab.   Of course, Uriah is killed and David takes Bathsheba to be his wife.

David is now the hero and no one seems to even wonder about any of this.  That is, until Nathan comes and confronts him on his sin.   David suddenly feels bad again and repents.  Nathan tells him that the Lord has taken away his sin and he will not die. But, the damage has been done and he will have to live with the consequences to come.

If there was one thing we learn from David it is that sin is costly.  We also learn that there is something about being in power that makes a person seem invincible and entices self-gratification, but in the end is incredibly costly.

I have no idea what John Edwards was thinking, but it is just another example of how costly sin is and how easily people can be enticed by it. This is true for those who are famous and those who are not.  Over and over again we read stories about people having these affairs.  They never think they will get caught.  That is what sin says!  Sin says that you are the boss.  Sin says that you can do whatever you want and there are no consequences.  Sin says that pleasure and happiness is the ultimate goal.  But, the dirty little secret is that after the fact the person is just as empty as before.  John Edwards, just like King David, had his moment when he was confronted with the truth.  Those moments must be incredibly difficult to handle for a person and the other people in the family.

My point is a simple one and one that really captures so much about what I teach.  “If we were to read God’s Word and apply it, we would avoid so many pitfalls.”  The lessons that David learned didn’t have to be repeated again and again and again.

Godly men in the making!

As Fathers’ Day approaches, I can’t help but appeal to men to be the godly fathers that their kids need.  I look at my boys and I pray that they would learn from God’s word and be leaders of integrity, character and godliness.  Boys need fathers who will not look with lust at a girl walking down the street.  Boys need fathers who will honor their mother and look to God for guidance.  No, we are not perfect and I understand there are many different family scenarios out there.  But, the truth is that too many families are ending up like King David and like John Edwards.   Stop it already!  God is gracious and willing to forgive.  He will make a clean heart!  David experienced it and you can also.  Let’s make a difference in the lives around us to godliness.



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