The Lego Jar (6/9/12) – Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch

This week the Lego Jar has an abundance of items in it.  It seems that there are more things that I could use each week that just end up getting cut.  But, this week my kids took notice of a commercial on television and repeated it over and over again. Let’s see what is in store this week, shall we?

The commercial is for Directv and it was actually the one about attending your own funeral that they laughed at initially.(watch is here)  Then we went onto YouTube and watched all of them and they liked the roadside ditch one better. (watch it here) My 5-year-old son can pretty much recite the entire thing after the eye patch.  I tried to get him to let me make a video of it but he told me that he would not do it if I was recording it.  So, there you go.  Just trust me, it is funny. I will keep trying to film his version of it. This does inspire me to come up with my own version of these.  I just have to brainstorm a bit about what I want to do.  Stay tuned.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, my son also told me, “hey dad, did you know you can’t breathe while you talk?”  Let’s just say that conversation didn’t get anywhere, so we moved on.

My kids did decide to set up a stage and play a little show as a rock band.  They all made their guitars and played original songs.  It was quite entertaining.  

lightsaber guitar

This week also marked a few milestones.  For one, our daughter got her first tooth and she also is letting go and doing “so big.”  She will be walking soon, I guess. I am also teaching her how to give a high five.  I am refraining from teaching her to say, “man arrrr” like I did with the boys.

So big!

Another milestone is that my oldest son is finishing 2nd grade and my next son will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.  We had a school bus ride for our 5-year-old son in anticipation of starting school and we had a little play at the school on Friday.  The group did “It’s a hard knock life” from Annie. Very well done.  I have a video I will post when I edit it.  Here is one picture, though.

Last weekend I was on a camp-out with youth group guys.  It rained a lot and I got very little sleep.  Sunday afternoon I was able to sleep a little while my wife took a picture of me.  Isn’t that nice?

I hope you have a great weekend and you don’t wake up in any road side ditches.  Until next week, keep those Lego pieces off the floor and in the jar.  They are painful to step on.

8 thoughts on “The Lego Jar (6/9/12) – Don’t wake up in a roadside ditch

  1. Oh, I think you should teach her “Man, Arrrrr!” That would be priceless. I love that they were playing original songs. Awesome. They are all so stinking cute.

    1. She is starting to copy what I do, so I could pull this off. The original songs were about each other and were even nice. They are really funny. I just wish they would let me record this stuff. As soon as they see I am taking a video they hide. I don’t know why. It is not like I am sharing it on the internet. 😉

      1. ROFL! Set your tele to record. At least you can get the sound and put up a power point with the still shots of them. Too funny!

  2. I just videoed my oldest granddaughters “performing” original song and dance. I have no trouble getting them to do it. I do have trouble getting them to stop, though! They are 10 and 8 though. They regaled me with a song they called, “My Famby Is Wierd” all the way to Ohio last Friday though. Interesting what they think is wierd about each person. Keep trying to capture those kiddos. Can’t wait to see the videos 🙂 Angie

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