The Lego Jar (5/26/12) – Spiders, Tails and Fingernails

This is Lego Jar number 12, which means there are 12 weeks of complete randomness on the web.  This week’s Lego Jar is as random as they come.  So, let’s sort it all out.

Let’s start with random comments from my children.  It seems like there are a never-ending supply of comments from them.  “Hey dad, why do we have fingernails.” “Hey dad, I wish I was a bird so I could fly to the dump.  It is stinky at the dump.”  My son also told me “I haven’t done that in 15 or 100 years.”  He also told his brothers, “You are the biggest, you are the smallest and I am the middlest.”

Playing with spiders in their containers

They also have been quite fascinated with spiders.  The boys are also deathly afraid of them, but they also are fascinated with them.  This creates a strange balance of terror and joy.  Just yesterday they caught a few and kept them as their pet.  Even with them inside little containers, my 5-year-old still wore a glove on his hand, just in case.   Of course, it took about 5 minutes before he declared that his spider had died.  He is not doing well with collecting things that are alive, if you remember the salamander a few weeks back.

Tron with a tail

At one point this week I sat on the couch next to my 5-year-old son and he told me, “hey dad, you are sitting on my tail.”  He had taken a piece of rope and was using it as his tail.  Our older son also did this when he came home.  It was so serious that after he lost it on a walk, my wife went and found it for him.  Even funnier was my two younger boys using baby toys to pretend they were in the movie Tron, with the beanie hat on and a tail.

Look, my tail

I also laughed when the boys came home on Sunday with an angry birds kite.  Of course, there was no wind at all that day.  We live on Cape Cod and there is wind almost constantly, but not that day.  So, they had to create their own wind.  How do you do that?  You run.

kite flying without wind

What would a Lego Jar post be without a picture of my kids sleeping? Once again I have a picture of one of my children just dropping where they stop.

Dropped where he stopped

I hope you have a great weekend with your family! 



  1. Hi Derek; I always enjoy reading about the Joy that you share with your family.. God Bless you Brother… Bro Pat.. Good News.. OH and thanks for sharing…

  2. I think you were at my house. We do the tail thing all the time. Are those baby food containers just the best? I have had no need for baby food in ages, but still use the containers I collected from #7…and she is going to be 14 this summer. Where does the time go? You will get to look back at these posts and remember. Good legacy for a Lego Jar, eh?

    1. Baby food containers are good for a lot of things. They even work for worms for fishing, at least for a while. I hope that my kids look at these things and are enjoyable and equally embarrassing.

      1. I vote for embarrassing. Blackmail works when they begin dating. Once they get to be around 20, not so much. Take what you can get 😉

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