Just being cute

After an exhausting day, there is something fun about coming home to this.  All they want to do is play ball and tag.  I am glad to do it.  These two pictures sum it all up.  This is his camera pose.  You will notice, if you take the time to look, that every single picture he will smile like this. As an added bonus, my parents showed up on Thursday night.  I did not know they were coming and so, as the shirt says here, granny is in town.  It should be a fun weekend!




      1. It was sometime ago now. Sent a friend request too. Mainly it was to answer the question you posted in a comment on Saturday Sunshine. I’ll go look up your page.

      2. Well, I think it is you on facebook anyway. The picture looks like a slightly younger you and says you’re youth pastor at the bible church. It looks like I sent the message on May 16th.

        1. Ok. the friend request got lost somewhere, but I see it. I don’t have a message from you, though. I don’t know why that is. Feel free to send it again, or send me an e-mail.

  1. One of my granddaughters has a smile like that. It’s so hard to get a natural picture lol. He is soooo cute!! AND – where can I get one of those t-shirts???

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