Praying for rain.


The pollen has been so thick lately.  It is so thick that you can see it floating in the air as it lands on your car and covers everything.  As you can imagine, people with a pollen allergy will have a hard time breathing in this.  Thankfully we have not had any serious issues with it.  Although, the other night our 7 month old daughter woke up and cried for a while.  These are those moments when you are thankful to be a parent.  I mean, who needs sleep?  We think it has something to do with the pollen because it was real thick that day.

Then the next day something happened that changed everything.  It rained.  It didn’t just rain a few drops, it poured.  This was refreshing because it washed a lot of the pollen away.  The puddles on the road were filled with this yellow stuff.  It also seemed to help everyone breathe a little easier.

This whole picture came at a moment when I was thinking about sin and the way it destroys.  I start to get rather sad when I think about the seniors who are graduating this year because so many of them don’t know Jesus.  That always leads me to consider what more we can do to help our own youth group kids stay true to the Lord when they graduate.

You see, in a lot of ways this whole picture of pollen is a pretty good metaphor.  We all live in this culture everyday and need to go against the flow.  At times, it is rather easy to live and communicate truth within it.  Then at other times, the lies of the culture are so thick we choke on them.   It is God who then sends the rain that will wash away those things.  We need God to come and convict people of sin through His Word.  We need God to be the one who washes away sin and allows us to once again breathe easily as believers in Him.

The standard for truth is eroding, but the truth isn’t. My suggestion is to pray for rain. 


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