The Lego Jar (5/19/12) – I don’t know

It is time to put the contents of the Lego Jar in their proper place.  I just am not quite sure where that place is.  This week has really gone fast and with the arrival of warmer weather, it also meant much busier days.

Look what I found!

Let me start with “The Great Treasure Hunt”, or as everyone else calls it, “Grocery Shopping.”  This week my 5-year-old son had a great time with the little zip ties that you find in the produce aisle.  What made this week even better was that later on in the week my 2-year-old son went to the store with mom and also went treasure hunting.  He is becoming his brother!

Trains are a popular thing to play with at our house.  This week all the kids were involved in building and playing with their trains.  Of course, playing with their baby sister does present its challenges. 

I don’t know

At one point this week my 7-year-old son decided he would take the camera and take a few pictures.  Well, here you go.

Again, I don’t know.

Another fun thing that surprised me this week was when my 2-year-old son showed me his tractor.  I mean, I have three boys and I know they play hard.  But, I have never seen a tractor take this kind of abuse before.

I know, but I also don’t know

Lastly, something that I actually do know (don’t get used to it) and was a lot of fun, my 7-year-old son took our daughter to school to “show” her to the class.  All the kids went and had a great time . They are so excited to go to school!  I am guessing that will continue through-out school, right?  

And that is the end of the Lego Jar for this week.  Of course the boys dug up all kinds of worms, killed spiders and did other boy things, but those things are so normal that they don’t make the Lego Jar.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Sounds like a good week. It is really cool your 7yo thinks of his sister as Show-n-Tell worthy.

    And I have seen that type of tractor damage. That particular type of tractor is not a ride on tractor. LOL!

    1. He was very excited to have her come to class. It is really cute. Of course it was a class full of second graders, so they were all very cute about it.

      I don’t know about where you come from, but in this house, all tractors are ride on tractors. But, thanks for the tip, I will mention it to the boys. ha!

        1. Tractors as skateboards….that sounds like fun, sort of. I grew up in farm country, so I understand those things to a point. I don’t live there now. I live in Massachusetts where they frown on things like that.

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