The Lego Jar (5/12/12) – Hairdos and don’ts

It is time for the Lego Jar.  This week was far different from last week.  After taking a trip to Minnesota, this week involved getting back into what I needed to be doing.  That, as most of you know, is easier said than done.

First of all, my daughter would not let me take her picture.  She had this awesome hairdo, which I thought made her look like one of the Little Rascals.  But, every time I took the picture she moved.  So, here it is, the reason for the title.This week I leave you with some (hair) dos and some don’ts.Domake the most of the opportunities given.  On Tuesday, I was in Boston with a boy who has cancer.  These days are long and heartbreaking.  But, even in the midst of trials there are things to laugh at and enjoy. I do the best I can  to make the best of it, but it isn’t always easy.Do take time to appreciate those who are around you.  My life is so fast paced that I sometimes forget to appreciate the people around me who help me do the ministry, or raise the kids.Don’t be surprised when there is a cup of some strange yellow substance in the shower.  Yeah, you got it right.

Don’t be surprised when your child acts tough and then runs away from a spider. Then he goes on a spider hunt, complete with a notebook and pen.  This was funny because it was my 5-year-old son who did this and he drew triangles to describe where they were located. Then he told me he wanted them to be dead.

Do shake your head at your boys when they make jokes about something being new and randomly say, “New York”  “New Jersey”  New Hampshire” and then laugh hysterically. Nope, I don’t get it.

Don’t believe your 5-year-old son when he tells you that it is raining and you will get wet and then he says, “but you will be dry.”

Do play with Duplos.  The other night we were watching a Disney Nature program and I was building a little garage out of Duplos.  As you can see, it was really well done.  

Don’t get mad when you spend an hour making something and the kids destroy it within 3 minutes.





Do occasionally follow a few of the rules of an award you have been given.  I was given the Sunshine blogger award for a second time.  This time it came from Australia, from a site about the goodness of God.

I grew up in Wisconsin.  I like to fish.  I drink coffee all day long.  I believe ice cream is the official food of summer.  I do not feel worthy of the call I have been given, but feel content in it.   And, let’s see, why don’t I poll the audience here. Do ask me a question that would actually be interesting and I may answer it.

And with that, the Lego Jar is empty again.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and take some time to do something that you enjoy!



  1. What is the most novel way you and the kiddles have celebrated Mother’s Day for your wife?
    PS Tell her Happy Mother’s Day from the travelers of the blogosphere!

    1. It is difficult because I already cook most meals and try to lighten her load everyday. The kids make her things and my son calls her pretty a bunch of times, which she enjoys. This year I made a donation the the Jimmy Fund in her honor because of a person we know dealing with cancer and all of the other mothers who faithfully walk with their children through cancer. Is that novel? I don’t know. But, it is meaningful to her and that is what matters.

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