Have you seen my bionicle?

On our trip to Minnesota last week, my son ended up getting a brand new Lego set. It is a hero factory character that he refers to as his bionicle. (even though Lego isn’t making them anymore, yes I know…let’s not split hairs)  He was so excited about this new bionicle of his and told everyone about it.  He told the security agents, the people at the restaurant, the flight attendants and anyone else who listened to him.

Have you seen my bionicle?

When we arrived in Boston and had collected our luggage, we went out to catch the bus to the parking lot.  My son got on the bus and I was a few steps behind him.  By the time I got onto the bus, he had already started to have a conversation with some random people.  He was telling them about his bionicle and that he also got one for his brother. “It is a surprise, but I told him”  He was so enthusiastic and these people were enthralled with his presentation.

As believers in Christ, we are called to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the world.  There is excitement to it when we first come to faith in Christ, but for some reason it gets harder to share our faith.  My son reminded me of the enthusiasm that we need to be sharing our faith.  We aren’t going to back people into a corner with it, but we are to be excited about what God has done and to just let people know that.  My son was not afraid to share his new toy with the world, how much more should we be unashamed to share the hope we have in Jesus Christ?



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