There is really nothing like coming home, even if you were only gone for a few days. For me, I traveled to Minnesota on Thursday and came back home on Saturday night.  I traveled with my 5-year-old son, but I still noticed that I was missing something.  I have found that I really want to be with my wife and kids.  I guess that should be obvious, but it gets highlighted when I am away from them.  People will often comment about how we need to do things without the kids, but I really enjoy doing things with them.   I love taking them places and letting them experience things.  It is a lot of work, but it is worth it.  Basically, I would rather take them along with me than leave them at home.

Way to Go Dad!

After a long day of travel on Saturday, Sunday was exhausting.  But, a real highlight of this was that a cake was made in my honor. I graduated with my Master’s Degree this weekend, which is why I was in Minnesota, and my wife and oldest son made me a cake.  What was exceptionally fun about this cake was that it was completely decorated by my 7-year-old son.  He told me many times that he did it all by himself because he was quite proud of his work.

This is another incredible illustration for us all in our relationship with God.  If I want to be with my children, how much more does God want to be with us?  We are not a nuisance to Him, we are a joy to Him.  Also, just like our children create things for us out of love, we too offer things to God that we have created.  We are not always good at what we do, but we do it because we love God and want to express that.  I couldn’t care less if the words were spelled correctly or evenly spaced.  It means a lot to me that he would put effort into something for me.  The difference between God and us is that God is not after anything except our lives.  He wants us.  He doesn’t just want a cake, He wants life of sacrifice to Him.  That might mean doing things with our talents for Him, but it ultimately starts with a relationship with Him.

So, as you start a new week, consider what your life looks like.  Are you approaching God as your heavenly Father with love and sacrifice?  Are you welcoming Him to His rightful home, your heart?  There is only room for one God in your life and you are not Him.  Maybe it is time to welcome Him home!

Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God–this is your spiritual act of worship. – Romans 12:1



  1. I love this post. My husband and I are the same way about the children. 6 years ago we took a week long anniversary vacation to Fort Jackson, Wyoming without the kids. It was our one and only trip with out them. After the first 24 hours we vowed never to leave them again. It just wasn’t the same without them! We found ourselves saying, “If the kids were here we’d ….” fill in the blank. We were so happy to return home. I always thought maybe we were weird in this way. So many people speak of the importance of getting off away from hte kids. I am glad you posted this! I have a new perspective o nt eh entire subject.

    1. We decided a long time ago that we really didn’t need to take trips away from the kids. They will grow up soon enough and not want to be with us. I prefer to enjoy them now. We can be alone later. It sounds like we agree on that. I am so glad we are not the only weird ones. 🙂

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