Why do we sing songs to Jesus?

This week’s Sunday Series post hits on a topic that can incite passions in people.  It is about the role of music in worship.  Now, in the interest of keeping Sunday posts brief, I am not going to get into all of the worship style stuff.  All I will say about that is that worship was never about you, so let’s keep it about the God we worship.

While on my way to the grocery store this week, I got the question from my son about worship.  There was a song on in the van that made him curious about that.

“hey dad, why do we need to sing songs to Jesus?

I said: “Well, we need to sing songs to Jesus to tell the whole world that Jesus is the one we follow.  We also need to sing songs to remind each other to follow Jesus.”

“oh, well, I am going to sing songs to Jesus all the time.  Do you think that makes Him happy?”

I said: “yes, I know it makes Him happy.”

Worship was never intended to be one-dimensional, in that we sing a bunch of songs and that is it.  Scripture tells us to offer our bodies as living sacrifices unto the Lord.  To me, that sounds like more than just songs.  When people box in worship to simply music they have really limited all that worship really is.  I will save that topic for another post, so let’s get back to my son’s question.

“Sing to the LORD a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.” – Psalm 96:1

“Worship the LORD with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.” – Psalm 100:2

Clearly it is God who we worship.  Music is a wonderful way to do that and an effective way to proclaim Christ to others.  So, as you gather for worship with other believers today, enjoy the music as a means to remember God, exalt His name and proclaim Him to others.  Who knows, the person next to you might be at a place where they need to hear from God that way today!

One more thing I thought of is on the opportunity parents have with their kids.  I love to hear my kids sitting in the van behind me singing songs to the Lord.  People will often ask me whether I listen to secular music.  I tell them that my standard for music is for it to be something I would be happy to have my children sing.  That means, for us, I play a lot of worship music in the van.  The kids sing it in the van and outside of it.  It is more effective than is often realized at driving home important truths in the lives of our children.

All that to say, have a wonderful Lord’s Day today! 


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  1. We do lots of Veggie Tales. We have also been known to sing “God made the birds (super heros, power rangers, bugs, ….) for almost 2 hours on trips. My 24 yo daughter doesn’t remember all the hours of singing with her and finds this annoying. LOL. Tough – my gks are going to get as much Jesus as I can give them – through music and otherwise. 🙂

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