The Lego Jar (5/5/12) – Treasure hunting across the country

This week’s Lego Jar comes to you from the state of Minnesota and also the state of confusion.  If you have read anything before on my blog you are well aware of that.  The Lego Jar this week consists of a lot of comments and interactions I had with my 5-year-old son on our trip to Minnesota.  So, let’s dump out the pieces in this week’s jar and see if we are able to sort it all out.

Traveling with a treasure hunting addict is an interesting experience.  It will keep you alert because you will need to help him not run into something else while he is looking on the ground for some treasure.  It also will surprise you as he finds things in places where you might not look.

We were at a restaurant on Thursday when all of a sudden my 5-year-old son was under the table. At first, I was not too surprised given that this is a common event in our household.  The kids drop everything on the floor, which drives me a crazy.  However, in this instance he had not dropped anything.  He comes up a moment later holding a quarter.  I was not surprised because he has the ability to sniff out loose change no matter where it is located.  A few minutes later, he dropped his quarter on the floor.  When he came back up this time, he had two quarters.  He was pretty excited and wanted to buy a Lego set with it.

He was so convinced he was getting a Lego set that he went to bed on Thursday all decided on what he was going to buy at the Lego store.  He showed me in his magazine the one he wanted to buy.  He worded his questions in such a way that it made me feel like I had already agreed to this.  I think he has a future in sales.

While at the mall there was a new scene that puzzled him.  There were fountains all over the mall filled with treasures.

All those treasures!

“Hey dad, why do people throw money in fountains?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, if they didn’t want it, they could have given them to me.  I wish I was a fish and lived in the water so that I could see all of the money.  If I got that money, I would give you some dad. ”

Let’s just say that a treasure hunting 5-year-old is very confused when people throw money into the water.  I turned around at one point and he had his hand in the pond in an attempt to grab a penny.  This scene was repeated anytime he saw money in a place where he thought it didn’t belong. (not in his pocket)

As you can see, he is a lot of fun to travel with.  Since he is always in treasure hunting mode, he immediately noticed the emergency card on the airplane.  In fact, he studied it intently. He also noticed the little bag and wanted to take it home.  I convinced him to leave it there because I wouldn’t want to be the person next to the passenger who needs the bag that isn’t there. But, anyway, after a little while of study he asked me, “hey dad, is this how they fly the plane?”  I told him I hoped that was not the case.  He also wondered what the two little symbols meant.  “No smoking and no standing up luggage?”

No smoking, no standing up luggage

Is this how they fly the plane?

Well, yes he did end up getting a Lego set that Grandma and Grandpa bought for him.  He also got to have a chocolate covered rice krispee bar.  So, I would say that things are going well for him. He even managed to find a hair clip at the hotel pool and a washer in the parking lot!  Today is my graduation and then we fly home tonight.

Do you think he is tired?

As we get to the bottom of the Lego Jar, there is one piece from home that got into the jar before we left.  I received a picture as a text message from my wife earlier in the week.  It was a picture of my 2-year-old sleeping in a rather awkward position.  This is really funny when you consider how many pictures of my 5-year-old we have doing this.

This is the end of the Lego Jar for this week.  The rest of what I got from this trip will be included in posts to come.  I trust that your weekend will be filled with blessings from the Lord and maybe even an occasional treasure.



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