Kindness is not difficult.

Donuts = kindness to kids

Thursday was a day of travel for me.  Traveling doesn’t phase me too much, it does make me stand back and notice people, however.  What I see around me is not always too encouraging.   There are people who are in a hurry and plow people over to get there.  There are the people who are having a very public fight with their spouse.  Of course, there are the people who are giving the airport staff a hard time over things that were their own fault.   Kindness is not a difficult thing, but it would appear that it is not practiced very often with strangers.

This became all the more important for me when I driving around last night I heard a reminder about something a radio station has encouraged in the Twin Cities for years.  They call it the drive through difference and it basically is a way to show kindness to someone at a drive through by paying for the person behind you. I actually saw this happen last year when I was in the area for something else.  I was waiting in line for my lunch when I noticed some confusion at the front of the line.  As it turns out, someone had paid for the next 4 people in line and these guys could not believe it.  They didn’t figure this out until the person was already gone, making it an awesome example of this. When people do this they are showing the Love of God in a very practical way.  Will it change their lives?  Who knows.  We do know that these things make a difference.  Since many of the people who do this give out a little information card explaining what they are doing, it provides opportunities for people o call the radio station and describe what exactly they were going through that day.  The stories are amazing.  God takes this simple act of kindness and really provide something specific for people in need.

It has been a long day of traveling, so I will cut this short.    But, I know that random acts of kindness are an important part of sharing Jesus Christ with people.  There was a lady struggling with her rolling luggage, so I helped her get it unstuck.  Another lady was confused about the location of the restroom, so I told her.  The opportunities to be nice to someone else are endless, but the results go even further.  Kindnesses says something about who you are and who God is.  God is kind to us, which leads us to grief for sin and forgiveness in Him.

Or do you show contempt for the riches of his kindness, tolerance and patience, not realizing that God’s kindness leads you toward repentance? – Romans 2:4

p.s. – Let me plug this week’s Lego Jar post (tomorrow)  – I have a good stack of anecdotes that post.



  1. Acts of random kindness make a huge difference to others. Sometimes it’s contagious too! I wish more people practiced it. . . it’s really needed in our society.


    1. I think there is a lot more to this than people often believe. If people were to just stop and notice someone else. It isn’t hard and doesn’t take too much extra time.

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