The Lego Jar (4/28/12) – Just getting things straight

This week things got back to normal, whatever that is.  Grandma went back home, my oldest went back to school and the craziness just kept on coming.  This week’s Lego Jar isn’t as full as last week’s was, but there are some fun tidbits to sort out.

Orientation –  We had Kindergarten orientation for our second son (5 years old) this week.  He had a great time and even exclaimed that he had made some friends already.  I guess he will do quite well with this.  Afterwards, we were talking about getting him a lunch box.  My older son has a Red Sox lunch box, so we asked our 5-year-old if he wanted one also.  His favorite color is green, so he told us that he wanted a green sox lunch box because that would be cool.

Overheard-  As with most weeks, this week contained multiple humourous conversations with my children.  This week they all come to us courtesy of my 5-year-old son.

He said at one point, “Differences are differences. But, what’s the difference in anything we do?”  That sounds like a deep question, but it really is more of a stream of consciousness.  At a different time he asked my wife and I both about why we sing songs to God.  “Hey dad, why do people need to sing songs to God?”  I told him it was because God liked it and it helped people remember Him.  He said he was happy to praise God.

During another conversation, he asked me about bones and blood.  “Where does blood come from?”  “Why does God make it?”  “What is your brain for?”  What happens if you don’t have bones?  “If you don’t have bones you will be flat like a road.”  Then at the end of it all he says, “Ok, I was just trying to get some things straight.”  It is evident that his articulation is quite advanced.

In other important matters, he asked me, “Hey dad, does Darth Vader eat?”  My reply, “I suppose he does, but since that is not the point of the movie, we don’t really ever see it.”  His reply, “oh, I thought it was about eating.”

Exhausted –  It used to be that our 5-year-old son was the one falling asleep at dinner.  These days, we are noticing our 2-year-old is taking on that role. In this picture it is not at dinner, but at the dinner table.   He has recently stopped with the taking of naps, so making it through a day is a real challenge for him.

Speaking of disorder – The boys created a “hide out.”  It is quite the sight.  I suppose they need a little more imagination.  They took some old plates outside this week and were pretending to be in the movie Tron.  (don’t worry if you haven’t seen it)  They are constantly up to something, but I think this is a healthy dynamic.

Outside of hideout


Also inside

I hope you have a great weekend!  



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