The Lego Jar (4/14/12) – Springtime fun

What do you have? Rocks!

This week the Lego jar is full of random pieces, some of which appear to be related. So, here we go.  I am going to dump it out.  My advice to you is to avoid stepping on them because they are sharp as razor blades.

Baseball Time

Spring has arrived, which thankfully means we are spending more time outside.  The benefits of this are a quieter house and also more things to do.  They ride bikes around the yard and create a nice rut where they do that.  They rearrange different pieces of wood or bricks to create their latest creations.  They also carry around rocks.  This week I found rocks in jacket pockets, in my van and then my 2-year-old came up to me with a fishing net full of them.  I asked him what they were for and he dropped them.   Then he wouldn’t look at the camera.  Where does he get such stubbornness from? Spring also means we get to watch baseball again.  We also will be getting the bases out and playing some more ball here soon.  In the mean time, we are getting our baseball caps out and enjoying the season.

Another fun part of spring is the fun outfits that my wife finds to put on my daughter.  Since she is the only girl, she will get all of those things.  I don’t know whether to envy her or to pity her.  In either case, she is really cute.


Speaking of cute, my 7-year-old son was star of the week at school.  One of the things they do as a part of this is to have each student write something that they like about the star that week.  They wrote about how he is a proud big brother and how strong he is for being able to pick up his 2-year-old brother.  They wrote about his love for Star Wars and Lego sets.  They also said he has good handwriting (yeah right) and that he also has all the right answers (ha!).  I guess he is also a master illusionist.  He did take a picture of his Lego sets for the wall of fame at school .

Lego Sets






You know schools are funny.  I am avoiding politics on my blog on purpose, but I took this picture this week because it was so funny.  I always thought learning and teaching was a given in schools, but this picture makes it look like this is a new thing they are trying this year.

Teaching and Learning

My kids received a card in the mail this week from someone with a dollar for each of them.  My 5-year-old immediately exclaimed, “I’m rich!  All of the Mansker family is rich!”  I don’t know many other people who get that excited over a dollar bill.  I guess it is the little things in life.

Climb a tree




And of course, what is a good spring time post without kids climbing trees.  So, here you go.

hat to bed







Lastly, my kids can do some funny things as they get ready for bed.  One night my 2-year old decided he was going to wear his hat to bed.  He looked really funny, so I took a picture of him.   The other pictures are of my two older boys and their beds filled with books.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

Good night




  1. This was fun to read! Yes, your daughter is so cute. Mine use to wear a blue bonnet. I think I still have it somewhere. That was during her “Little House on the Prairie” stage.

    My son now has his own YouTube channel where he posts reviews and animations on Lego Star Wars. I don’t think they grow out of it. It just morphs into something bigger.

    Um, teaching and learning….oh dear!


    1. According to my son’s star of the week information, he is an expert Lego builder. I guess there are many things I don’t know about him. And, yes, isn’t it amazing that teaching and learning standards are being encouraged! You just can’t make this stuff up.

  2. I love the weekend Lego Jar posts – I realize there’s no real theme, but they are so funny.

    Stubborn? Nature or nurture. We told our daughter it was both, but she really came out heavy on the genetics for that one.

    And the hat to bed is good too. When my daughter was that age, she wore her new shoes to bed for the first few nights.


    1. My kids takes stacks of things to bed. I will often be downstairs and will hear things falling out of their beds. Most of it is books, but often there are other things they gather there. I am amazed they can sleep with all those things. As far as the hat goes, he wore that hat one day and his baseball cap another day. Just too cute.

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