The Lego Jar (4/7/12) – Another creature may have been harmed this week.

This week’s Lego Jar includes some more of my kids’ discussions and more of their creativity.

To start, I was awarded another award by another kind blogger. I have posted it on the award page with more information about it. I appreciate the recognition as a sunshine award winner and appreciate all those who take the time to read and comment.

New friend

A New “Friend” – Last Saturday I took my two oldest boys to a service project in the rain.  The whole time they were looking for a salamander.  They had great plans for this poor salamander, but  they didn’t find one.  Then a few days later I got home from work and they had found one.  They took it on a walk with them and were carrying it around in a little container.  Unfortunately, their friend was not as durable as they would have hoped and didn’t make it through the experience.

Ice Cream please!

Ice Cream –  I think it is funny that whenever my boys go over to the neighbor’s house to play, they come back with ice cream.  They are good at what they do.  I mean, how could you say no to them?

Something I wonder-  Who decided to include white jelly beans with all the delicious ones?

Speaking of Jelly Beans- If you saw my picture post on Thursday, you know that we had done a short egg hunt on Wednesday.  We have since done another one inside the house.  That one was funny because my oldest wanted me to hide his eggs in really difficult places, so I did.  Well, his brothers were both eating their candy and he still hadn’t found any.  I eventually had to help him.  I guess I can still beat him at something and I will enjoy it for as long as I can.

Found one

Overheard this week- On Monday night I was on my way to something called “Supper Club” with my 5-year-old son.  Supper club is a program put on at the local senior citizen center where we go and serve a meal to them.  These are all people who are alone and is a way to get them out with other people. Anyway, we were on the way and the conversation was something like this:

Child: Hey dad, why do they add supper to club?

Me:  That is what it is called.

Child:  Is it a club with supper?

Me:  No, it is not that kind of club.

Child:  So, they took a club and added supper to it.  Get it?

Me: No, I don’t.

Child:  Hey dad, have you ever been to a dungeon with chains?

Me: No.  Why do you ask?

Child:  Me neither. You’re funny dad.

Another night at dinner my 7-year-old son said these two unrelated things. First of all, he asked, “What if days rewind?”  When I asked him to explain, he just shrugged his shoulders.  Then he said, “What if a fireman got fired? Get it. You know, fire and fired?”  I wonder where they get their humor from?

Ship # 1

Creating Lego Ships without Legos-  This week, as I mentioned in last Monday’s post, my 5-year-old got his new Lego set in the mail.  That same day I looked out the window and saw that they were creating their own ship outside using the materials in the yard. Pretty creative.

Ship action shot

She needs to slow down-  Our daughter is 6 months old and she is starting to think she is older.  She now pulls herself up on things and then lets go.  As you can imagine, she really can’t stand.  Well, just trying telling her that!   Also, you will notice she got a few hats this week.  This one has a huge flower on it.  I guess that is the style that little girls are to wear.  This is my first girl, so what do I know?

Look, no hands

I guess that wraps the week up.  This week we also had a few sick kids and sleepless nights.  But, I guess that is just part of parenting.  

Have a great weekend!



  1. LOVE the hat lol! I like how you take your children with you to various functions. I’m sure they will grow up to be very compassionate people. 🙂 Angie

  2. Sorry to hear about the salamander. Kids just don’t realize that they need to be careful around living things. It’s hardly the first time something like this has happened.

    Wow, that’s some ambitious project in the backyard! Did they ever finish it?


    1. They finished it and then moved on to some other project. Right now things are cleaned up again. But, everyday they make something else up. It is always an adventure out there. The salamander may have been dead when they discovered it. They are just so cute about it.

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