A Day in the Life

Time to start "cleaning"

Wednesday is my day off and seeing as this week I have a lighter load, I was able to get to some of the things around the house.  The boys and I started with cleaning the vans. To them, cleaning a vehicle is a lot like finger painting.  They figure as long as they get some soap near the van, it is clean.  They don’t know it, but their role is merely for their own enjoyment and mine.

Soap on van = cleaning

Of course, after a while I went to hose the van back off.  The kids decide to wash the area again.  Every time I turned around there was more soap.


Meanwhile, my daughter does not seem too upset about not being invited to help.

Hey dad!

It was also a time to get the bikes out.  I had a few repair matters to get to and we were off.

In the bike trailer

My kids don’t tell time the “normal” way, they use food as their guide.  You have essentially 5 different times per day: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, supper. Today we had the afternoon snack on the deck.

lounging with snack

I also had this realization that I had bought some Easter candy for the kids, but I wanted to eat some.  The only way around this, as I saw it, was to have a short Easter egg hunt.  This brought the candy out and allowed me to have some. So, each kids got two eggs hidden in the yard. I figure we will do this for a few days.  We call this a win-win.

In hiding

The lost are found!

It was a pretty eventful day, as you can see.  As I look at the pictures, it makes me appreciate the blessings that God has given me. My children always surprise me and bless me with their love.  The Lego Jar posts show some of that each week. Making this even more obvious is the coming celebration on Sunday of our risen Savior.  There we remember again the ultimate act of love on our behalf.  God blesses us with many things, like children, but He did even more in a sacrifice of His only Son for our salvation. May our lives reflect obedience to Him and may our hearts never forget what He has done for unworthy sinners like us.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” – Romans 5:8



  1. I am all for “win wins” with anything sugar filled … preferably … chocolate :-), donuts also work well!
    Have a lovely Easter…all of you, and enjoy this time of reflection … and celebration!
    God is Good!

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