Getting Close to Fame

There is an unending obsession with celebrities.  This obsession shows itself in the young and old alike who stand in long lines in order to spend 10 seconds saying hi, getting a picture and an autograph with someone famous. As to the level of fame, that is mostly in the eye of the beholder, but the media certainly helps some more than others.

Crazy behaviors like not wanting to wash a hand that touched someone or trying to just get close enough to a person, seem to be expected in a culture that idolizes anyone on television.  Screaming girls, flashing cameras and obsessed stalker fans all become a part of a celebrity’s repertoire. These behaviors only seek to feed an ever-increasing appetite for fame.

People with power seem to mesmerize by their sheer presence.   This is seen in the way people prepare for an arrival of some dignitary.  The house gets cleaned, the neighborhood gets revitalized and everything that can be done to make their stay comfortable is done.  When the President shows up somewhere, people do some elaborate things to prepare, even if they don’t like his politics.

The truth is we like fame and we prove it by our behaviors and by the things we buy.

As we enter the week leading up to Easter, I have to wonder if Jesus would receive the same welcome today, as he did on his triumphal entry.  As I imagine the scene, I see crowds of people excited that the Savior had come.  They bowed down in worship, hoping to get close to the one who saves.  There were no smart phones with instant e-mail or social media updates.  There were no cameras to impress or tailor to.  They heard He was coming and they set out to worship Him.  The brought to Him what they had to give, mainly themselves.

If Jesus was entering any town in America today, would people even stop long enough to even care?  Would the simplicity of His entry barely get noticed in a fast paced, media driven, glamour filled society?  Would the constant interaction with electronic devices make people miss out on the one who has come to save them?

We prepare so much when people come to visit.  We spend great amounts of time standing in line to get an autograph of some person.  What are we doing to be with Jesus?  This week leading up to the cross causes us to stop and examine our lives. It should make us take more time to connect again with the God who saves!  Sure we have a lot of really exciting people around us, but there is no one like Jesus.  Even so, many will miss Him because they are too caught up in themselves to ever notice.

I think it is wise to make a concerted effort to be with Jesus each day, especially this week.  He does not come with a large, flashy show, but what He brings has more meaning than anything any celebrity could bring.  Even after all has been said and done, He still remains.  That is fame that I want to get close to.

“Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”


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