The Lego Jar (3/31/12) – Stories change, so do people

This week’s Lego Jar doesn’t have as many anecdotes, but it does still have the loose ends we all enjoy.

They are awesome, aren't they?

I love it when my kids bring something up that happened to them years ago, but they mess up the details.  For example, a few years ago while lifting my 5-year-old son (then he was 2) off the floor he ended up getting nursemaid’s elbow.  As it turns out, this is not that uncommon for young children to have.  It made me feel awful, though, because I didn’t intend to hurt him.  At that time, we were at the hospital and the doctor even gave him his smart phone to play with.  The popsicle he was not too interested in. The other night at dinner he randomly looks at me and says, “Hey dad, remember when you yanked on my arm and it hurt?”  Frist of all, I did not yank on his arm.  It is amusing to me that every time I hear the story it changes.

A little later, my wife put her hand over his mouth because my daughter was sleeping and he was yelling.  In the process, he looses a tooth.  I was watching this and it was not a forceful thing at all.  He says, “Mom made my tooth fall out.”  I guess he is right, in a sense, but it he was not punched in the face.  All that to say, yes he lost yet another tooth.  The funniest part of that was when he described his lost tooth. “There is no more tooth in my pink holder.” (his gums)

My other son was looking for something one night and proclaimed ” I don’t know where it is, but I couldn’t find it.”  I told him that laughing made me LOL, but he didn’t get it.

Cute standing up

My daughter is changing like crazy.  This week she decided she was going to be a year old and started pulling herself up onto things.  I wonder if this is a foreshadow of things to come.  I can just hear the “I can do it all by myself” now.  Oh well, at least for now she is cute about it.  She also is sitting up now on her own, which took her longer to accomplish, even though she has been crawling for a while now.

Notable mention–  In case you missed it this week, I did write about my son and how he is working on getting his name on the board less at school.  The irony was that the day I posted it, he got his name on the board.  But, he is still working on it and that is progress.

Honorable mention –  This goes out to my youngest son who managed to fall asleep in a rather awkward position this week.  I think he hangs around his other brother too much.  If you missed the picture post that I did to showcase my 5-year-old son’s ability to fall asleep, you should check it out.  It is really funny.

Until next week, keep your Legos off the floor!  Have a great weekend.

Awkward sleeping



  1. Children are not the only ones to embellish or change stories. One of those things some people never outgrow? You have some great kids there 🙂 Angie

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