The Lego Jar (3/24/12) – Worms and spiders were harmed this week.

Winding down

The week is winding down and my Lego jar has spilled over.  I guess I could have worse problems to contend with.  This week’s jar includes all kinds of Lego pieces from various unrelated sets.  Enjoy the journey!

Kids: Telling it like it is –  One morning after breakfast I told one of my children to go wash their face off because it was full of something.  The reply came back, “Hey, can someone vacuum my face off?”  I have to admit the idea actually sounds fun to me.  It would probably not clean them up, but it would provide some entertainment for everyone else.

We went on a trip to get a new bike, as I mentioned in a previous post, and on the way we passed a cemetery. The discussion went something like this.

5-year-old – “Hey dad, those are dead people signs.  Are there dead people there?”

7-year-old – “Yes, their bodies are there.”

5-year-old – “Are their brains and hearts still there?”

7-year-old – “Yes, but they are not alive.”

5-year-old – “Oh, I really miss them.”

There you have it.  My 5-year-old son misses all people who have died.

Another great question this week was: “Hey dad, why is grass attached to dirt?”  “Why is it called dirt?”  I don’t know.  Anyone want to take that one for me?  Another question asked was: “If the earth spins, why don’t things fall over?”  So, I did a gravity demonstration for them.  I took a notebook and dropped it on the floor.  They didn’t get it.

One day my kids were outside and one of them said it was raining  because they felt raindrops on their head. It wasn’t raining so my wife told him that it was in his head.  The reply: “No, it isn’t in my head, it is on my head.”

At the grocery store this week my treasure collector 5-year-old found a dandelion and gave it to me for safe keeping.  His plan was for me to put it in my pocket and then for him to give it to his mother.  Well, he forgot about it and so did I.  Let’s just say it is not in good shape any longer.  I guess it is the thought that counts.

Other people: telling it like it is –  I am still amazed at the way people look at us like we are some biology experiment gone wrong when we tell them we have 4 children.  It wasn’t that long ago that people still had more than 1 child.  My wife went for a walk with our 4 children the other day and was asked if she ran a daycare.  I must admit it does feel that way sometime, but not because the kids are wild.  It feels like a daycare because there are toys all over, consistent snack times and sticky substances on most surfaces.

If it isn't an early bird, it's an early child.

Poor Worms–  When the weather gets warmer, my boys start to dig for worms.  Last Sunday afternoon they were outside building a fort.  The fort was complete with a sign that told us to stay out and a lot of dirt.  My 5-year-old found a worm.  He told us that he doesn’t kill worms, he just sometimes leaves them in the sun.   He said he wasn’t going to kill the worm, just keep it close by.  Yeah, I suppose there is a difference.

The Fort

Markers of death

Spiders-   My boys talk big about spiders, but when it comes down to it they are a little skittish around them. This week they were going to try to be somewhat helpful and kill a few of them.  So, they put together a marker chain to squish them.  As you can see, it is not a bad idea.  Just more amusing than actually useful.

And with that, I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  May your days be calm like mine.



  1. Gotta love kids 🙂 When my son was 4, we had a mouse give birth in our house. While mom is on a chair screaming her head off, he was chasing them all over the place with a water gun trying to ‘save’ me. It’s hard to laugh and scream at the same time. Angie

    1. Wow! That would have been a lot of fun. I had to pull a mouse out of a corner with a pliers one time and then I threw it out the door– it squealed the whole way. Of course, my boys still talk about it and how awesome it was. But, we have not had a mouse in the house since I plugged their hole, so I guess we won’t have any mice in the Lego Jar anytime soon. Too bad.

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