The Lego Jar (3/17/12) – Noise, Plums, Prayers, Treasures

Welcome to The Lego Jar where all the random pieces  my kids drop on the floor end up. This week we have a new unit of measurement to unveil, a way to determine what time you go to bed, prayer, and the unveiling of a blogger award.

New Award-  I have been awarded the Liebster Award by Our Life in 3D.  I appreciate the kind words that he had to share about me there. I write a post everyday, but I don’t know much about blogging.  I am glad that the things I write are encouraging to people.  I will add this to my awards page.  Check out his blog, it is always an interesting read.

Sounds of Spring  –Spring is coming, days are getting longer and my kids are getting louder, if that is possible.  The windows are still not open to help direct the sound outward.  Each morning starts with a bang, literally.  Usually I am jolted awake by noises and lots of them.  I very quickly herd the cattle down the stairs so that they don’t wake up their sister.  If it gets real bad, I send them all the way to the basement.  The noises that I hear from the basement resemble what I believe it sounds like when turkeys and elephants play football together.  At some point, an elephant falls on a turkey and things get ugly.  But, after dad, the zookeeper, heads downstairs and gives hugs, all is then well in the world again.

Little Sister Helps with Homework

A Proud Library Member- In last week’s post I mentioned that our newly 5-year-old son was finally able to get himself a library card.  Well, this week he was able to go to the library for his first books.  When we were there last week he managed to get so sidetracked with actually having the card in his hand that when the librarian asked him if he wanted to take a few books with him, he said, “No thanks, I have books at home.”  This week he wanted books, but he wanted books that addressed the topic of chains.  He randomly at dinner one night said that he wanted some books on chains.  Well, there were no books on chains.  So, he settled for a book on sea life.  Taking my kids to the library is an adventure because they generally want every book they touch.  This week my 2nd grader needed a book for his very first book report.  He was annoyed that this book counted toward his allotment.  I guess that is just part of the fun of growing up.

Plums are not just for eating – For a long time now, our 5-year-old son has been using the word ‘plum’ as a unit of measurement.  For example, he wants to have a little ‘plum’ or toothpaste on his toothbrush.  It was funny this week because he started using it to describe the amount of mashed potatoes on his plate or for other things as well.  I used it in a sentence at dinner one night and he stopped, looked at me and said: “Hey, that’s my favorite word!”

Hungry, maybe it is bedtime- If you have ever wondered when you should go to bed, I have a new suggestion courtesy of my 5-year-old.  One night he was getting tired so he told my wife, “Is it bedtime yet?  I am getting hungry for breakfast.”  He did this another time during the week.  So, if you start to get hungry for cold cereal, it might be time to head to bed.

Prayer is communication – Prayer at bed this week included all of the boys praying for something.  My 7-year-old usually leads that and then my 5-year-old will add something to it.  Generally my 2-year-old son will just imitate his brothers.  Here was a prayer from my 5-year-old — “Dear God, thank you for the fun times we had.  Thank you for the smiling face.  Oh, wait, I messed up. Um…..amen.”  I think his comment on the smiling face surprised him, but I really liked it.

New Treasure Bag

As I posted earlier in the week, we were able to get outside to place a little baseball.  They even got to dig more holes in the ground, which always makes them happy.  Speaking of happy, I have mentioned in the past how our 5-year-old son really enjoys collecting treasures.  This week he wanted the empty cheese bag to put his things in.  There are two posts you could read ,if you haven’t, about his collections. (Yes, there is junk mail) (Treasured Possessions)

Annoying –  I realized that my kids drop Legos on the floor constantly.  Actually, they drop everything on the floor constantly.  I guess I never really noticed it before, except now our daughter is crawling. This dropping of Legos is what inspired these posts to begin with, so I guess I should thank them.   They also are having a hard time paying attention where their sister is.  She was stepped on by our oldest son on his way out the door one morning.  He didn’t seem phased by it, but she didn’t like it too much.

With that, the Lego Jar is once again overflowing.  I hope you have a fantastic weekend filled with laughter, people you enjoy, rest and maybe even ice cream. (why not?)

On the Floor with the Legos



  1. Thanks for the great post… Looks like it’s lots of fun at your house… Blessings to you and yours… Bro Pat.

  2. Congrats on the award.
    With the sounds of Spring for you, comes the russle of Autumn for us … and with the drought over our land broken, the grasses green and lush … the European trees are starting to lose their leaves and we blissfully capture the days of gentle warmth that an Autumn in Melbourne Australia brings … enjoy your Spring!

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