The Lego Jar (3/10/12) – Milestones

Saturday morning and the Lego Jar is full once again.  This week we had some milestones in our homes, so that is the theme for this week’s Lego Jar.


A Crawling 5 Month Old – Why is everyone is such a hurry?  This I wonder as I watch my daughter crawl around the house at 5 months of age.  She has three older brothers, so I am sure that has an impact on her.  Watching her crawl around is a lot of fun, especially since she can’t really turn yet.  She just rams herself into the wall, hoping it moves.  In an unrelated story, the kids and my wife went for a walk the other day when I was at work.  During the walk, the hat on my daughter fell over her eyes.  My 2-year-old son quickly exclaimed, “Mom, her eyeballs are gone!”  Maybe that is why she rams into things?

An Excited 5 Year Old –  My 2nd son turned 5 this week.  This meant a few things.  First, he had a doctor appointment on his birthday, complete with a couple of shots.  He had a lot of fun at the doctor, until the shots.  The real news came afterward as I took him to the library to get his very own library card.  He even managed to get a birthday pencil out of the deal.  The story is, last year he wanted to get a library card, but they wouldn’t let him until he was 5.  He was absolutely crushed at that time.  So, this was a much better day.

Later on in the day, my wife asked him how it felt to be 5.  He said, “Good, but it hurts when the number is coming in.”  For the record, he is officially over his birthday now.  A card came in the mail the day after and he said, “don’t they know it isn’t my birthday?”  He also wanted the little cake taken off of the calendar.

He also got to go to the school and register for kindergarten this week.  This was real exciting for him and he now has asked me a few times if he gets to go to school today.  Oh, if only my older son was still that excited about going to school everyday.

Speaking of school, one of the fun parts of school for us is listening to our 7-year-old son read.  This week, since our baby girl is crawling, she went over to listen to her big brother read.  That is really sweet.

Looking up to Big Brother

Dinner Discussions    We were sitting at the dinner table one night and my 5-year-old son exclaims, randomly, “Ah….there’s monkeys!”  I asked where and he quickly went off on a tangent about how he wishes there were Lego monkeys.  That peaked the interest of my 7-year-old son, who added his opinion and sound effects to the story.  That, of course, meant my two-year old son would have to chime in as well.  At that moment, I realized that there were monkeys at the table, he was right!

I was also told this week that: “raining means the cloud is crying”, I am his favorite dad and also mom is, and “I am now old enough.”  When asked for what, he really didn’t know.

Car Accident

Boys- Boys do boy things, yes it’s true.  A few weeks ago we had wind and a branch fell in the yard.  The boys decided they would pose it with some things in the yard to create a crash scene.  It looks like everyone walked away without any injuries.

Thesis Progress-
 Last week I mentioned that I had turned in my thesis for my Master’s Degree.  This week I submitted it to a place in order to get it bound.  It needs to be signed by the VP for Academic Affairs before I graduate.  But, the good news is that all the work is now complete.

I hope you have a great Saturday with the people you love.  Here’s a little video for a fun start to your day.



  1. I just love this post.. I believe that God has given you a great calling” Youth pastor” Many Blessings to youmy friend…. Bro Pat.

  2. I am so behind in leaving comments for you. I read your posts daily and alternate between laughing wildly and being pensive at what you’ve given me to think about.

    Congratulations on getting the thesis done! What a relief for you. I also applaud the patience you have with your kids. These days go by so quickly, but it’s hard to believe that when you’re in the middle of them.

    I felt like I blinked and went from a crawler who put everything in her mouth to a toddler that climbed whatever she could find to a high schooler who had the usual angst about boys and grades to a college graduate. I can’t believe she turned 30 last year and is my best friend about nearly everything.


    1. I know what you mean, well sort of. I can’t believe my oldest will be 8 this year. The time is just flying by.

      Also, thank you for reading. I just write what is on my brain. Sometimes it is humorous, sometimes it is more ponderous. In either case, I am honored that you take the time to look at it. I am not offended if you don’t comment every day, but I do appreciate it when you do. No worries.

  3. Enjoyed this very much … and my five year and I enjoyed the video! Lots of smiles! Thank you. Will now spend time with him before I read your Sunday post … Cheers God is Good!

      1. I thought it may have even been people from your church 🙂 It reminded of me of what jesus did … had fun and they followed … and perhaps what we are also called to do … walk our walk … sing our song … the Song of Salvation … and they will follow 🙂

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