The Lego Jar (2/25/12) – Bad Jokes, Craziness and Lunch

After last Saturday’s random post, I thought I would start a Saturday series.  There are many random things each week that never make it to the main blog post.  I thought I would put them together in what I will call, “The Lego Jar.”  On our window sill is a jar where all the Legos we find on the floor end up. There are all varieties of Legos in there from many different sets.  This makes it a perfect picture for the things I will put in these posts.

Educational Shoe Award

Thanks- First of all, I have to acknowledge an award that was given to me by Red (Momma’s Money Matters) last week and I haven’t gotten around to actually posting that here.   I know I was supposed to recognize a few of my favorite commenters, but I like everyone who takes time to comment here.  Maybe that means I don’t get the award, but I am posting it anyway.  It is the Educational Shoe Award, which not only looks nice, but doubles as a weapon, if needed.  Thank you for appreciating my contribution to humanity. I have posted this forever in on my awards page.  Also, thank you to those who do read what I write and take the time to comment.  I sincerely appreciate it.

Pastor in the pulpit

Puppets- This week the kids made puppets.  It was a school vacation week here.  (like they need more breaks) The puppet was of a pastor in a pulpit and a Bible.  I looked it over for any surprise endings and found none to be there.  Although, I am wondering about the arms straight out like that.   I guess I won’t read into it.

Bad Jokes- My 4-year-old son has a few jokes for you:  “Why did the orange run out of gas?”  “Because the juice is its gas and it couldn’t walk.”  He also has been making his own versions of the joke, “Why was 6 afraid of 7? Because 7, 8, 9.” I think his are better.

“Why was 19 afraid of 20, because 20, 21, 22.”  or “Why was 4 afraid of 5? Because 1, 2, 3.”

My 7-year-old added his own joke, “What is the ear’s favorite instrument?  The ear drum.”

How do you sit on that?

Craziness- Our home was wild and crazy this week with no school and some toilet training going on.  I got up one morning and went to the basement to put some newspaper away.  The kids have a play area down there with a couch. When I saw it, I thought it gave a pretty clear picture of what our life is like these days.  I don’t know what was going on down there, but it looks interesting.

Dinner Discussions- Big discussion topics at dinner this week included the number of lives we have and Stuart Little.  First of all, my boys were discussing Stuart Little because they had been watching one of the movies.  Here is the just of it: “Stuart’s name is short because he is little”  “No, his name is Stuart Little because that’s his name”  “His name is Stuart Short Little then.”  “Hey dad, why is he short, is it because he is little.”  I had the feeling this was going nowhere.  Then came the next topic.  “I have twenty lives, or no I don’t.  How many lives do I have?”  “Hey dad, did you know that some people eat dinner all day?”  Of course, I had no idea where this was going now.  “Yeah, like Wall-E.”  I questioned that because they were on hover chairs.  He said, “oh.”  And that was the end of the conversation.

Soon to be birthday boy, getting close to five with every bite.

My 4 year old boy will be turning 5 on March 7th.   He  is counting down the number of church days until his birthday.  He asked me the other night if I was making vegetables to help him turn 5 faster.  He also wants certain Lego sets for his birthday, which he constantly tells me about.  His gift did come this week in the mail, but he didn’t see what it was.

 Lunch – I went out to lunch with my 7-year-old son the other day.  He had a free kids meal coupon for the Olive Garden, so we went there.  The first thing he does when he arrives is take the menu and cross off all of the prices because “I don’t have to worry about it.”  As if he ever did, right?  He then selects a beverage off the menu and is truly excited that the cup is one he can take home.  No, my kids do not get out much.  He wanted Dr. Pepper and since I am a cool dad, I let him.  Plus, he was going over to a friend’s house after,so what did I have to lose? The only catch to this trip was that I had to stop at the arts and crafts store.  I would rather spend the entire day at the mall with all my kids over going to this store for even a few things.  The reason is mainly that the store is always too warm and there are never enough cashiers.  True to form, I got in the line with the trainee.  Thankfully things moved along nicely.   I was at a different store a few days earlier when the guy in front of me took like all the time in the world to get his wallet out and put his change away.  This bothered me because he had already made his purchase and there was a line.

Free Advice– When you have completed your purchase, go ahead and step to the side.  This is the same thing for coffee dispensers.  I like my coffee black, if you want to ruin perfectly good coffee with cream and sugar, go ahead.  Just please, move to the side so we can keep the line moving.

And with that, I believe the jar is overflowing for this week. Have a great weekend!



  1. I love the crossing off the prices. That is terrific. Mine were always fighting to see who could add it up to see how much the check was going to be.

  2. Kindergarten teacher here. Yes, they need more breaks! 🙂 I am counting down until the next one. That is not to say I don’t enjoy my job. It just means I enjoy my breaks.

    I wish I had stock in Lego. Seriously, my son is now 11. It never ends. He is all about the Lego sets.


    1. Did you have this last week off also? I don’t have problems with breaks. The thing that I get annoyed with is the amount of breaks this school district has. I would rather they just go to school now and get out earlier, instad of the end of June. — Also, our Lego collection is growing everyday. I would rather spend money on them because they get a lot of use out of them. Of course, they also end up on the floor and get stepped on.

      1. No, we only had President’s Day off. Our next break is awhile away yet. However, I do find it interesting how each district decides which days to take off. We are required to be in school 180 days a year. Some years I have worked until the end of May. This year it is mid June. Go figure.

  3. The Lego collecting never stops. My nephew turns 21 next month. He left the Lego catalog open and in a strategic place. Last week, I casually picked it up, thumbed the pages and closed it, I later found it open to the same page…

    I had my own set, which has somehow morphed into part of his set.

    One of the founders of Google, I think it was Larry Page, not entirely sure, built a working printer out of Legos and showed it off. That wasn’t that long ago.

    1. I will have to look for the story about the printer. That sounds amazing! My boys are gaining quite the collection of Legos. I am fine with it, except they can be quite expensive. I bet the set your nephew wants was one of those sets.

  4. I love the random thoughts post. I do this from time to time just to share things that wouldn’t otherwise fit into a topic. I loved the picture of the couch – yeah, something was going on but it’s hard to say WHAT it was.


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