Random Week Observations

My week has been somewhat random, so I thought for Saturday’s post I would make a few observations about my life this week.  Consider this as  not just something different, but a glimpse into my mind.

1-  According to my 7-year-old son, I am cool.  If you don’t believe me, read the card I posted here.  I don’t know when the cool factor wears off, but I do know that every day when I get home I am greeted by three kids.  Yes, I have four, but one of them is just a baby and can’t walk yet. I love the enthusiastic welcome I receive when I get home each day.

2-  Our weekly trip to the grocery store amounted to my 4-year-old finding an old piece of gummy candy and a different piece of newer candy that he was going to eat.  He also managed to find a burrito under the freezer.  It had apparently fallen out and he was going to put it back in to be, you know, helpful.  Sorry to the person who buys that burrito.  As a side note, he also managed to convince me that he needed chap stick.  I obliged since it was only 88 cents, not the $15 for the underwater camera he wanted last time.

3- I learned some parenting skills from a couple I saw at Children’s Hospital this week.  They were in the waiting room with me.  Mom spent her time looking at her smart phone, insisting that her son watch the Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Clubhouse marathon.  The son, maybe 3 years old, was not going to do that.  He wanted to explore the place and see the world.  For whatever reason, dad leaves mom to tend to the boy.  The boy runs down the hall and mom slowly gets up and stands by the doorway.  Her method for getting him was to stand there and sigh loudly.  I was reading a book, but I figured this was getting good, so I stopped and watched.  He did not come back.  So, she raised her voice a little and shouted his name with an extra “get back here now!” at the end.  He came back, but soon left again.  This happened a few times before dad came back.  She proceeded to light dad up for taking so long and passes the kid off to him.  She goes back to her cell phone and he starts watching Disney Junior as his son takes off down the hall again.  It was entertaining for me, but I didn’t finish my book that I needed to.

4- On the way down the elevator that same day was a girl and her mother.  This girl was maybe 12 years old and was willing to say whatever was on her mind.  I happened to be eating some candy hearts because they are only around for so long.   She looks at me and says loudly, “my daddy loves those.”  I said, “I love them too.”  She says, ” He’s like a big kid.”  Mom has been quiet this whole time, as if she has had enough of her daughter’s outbursts.  But, when she called her dad a big kid, mom had to chime in.  Her response:  “That is an understatement.”  That was hilarious, even if just for me.

The dirt zone

5-  This winter has been mild, which has meant my kids are filling their pockets with mud.  They like to dig in it, so I guess that means that it needs to travel with them.  In either case, it is not surprising to dump mud out of a pocket of a jacket.  Then there are the bags of rocks that I find in the house.  I guess I shouldn’t be shocked at this point.

6- I learned that duct tape comes in a variety of colors and can be somewhat decorative.  A student came to youth group with a purse she made completely out of duct tape.  It even included a wallet that she also made with duct tape.  That is awesome on so many levels.

7- I also learned that the key to a happy family comes from your breakfast!  I knew it was the most important meal of the day, but I had no idea of the family value it has.

Well, there you have it.  A little glimpse into the things bouncing around in my brain. Pretty exciting stuff, right?

For those that like series posts, I am starting a new series tomorrow on  Bible verses that are used a lot that might be classified as cliché verses.  I want to unpack some of them to uncover what they actually mean. It should be fun!

6 thoughts on “Random Week Observations

  1. I’m reading your posts each day in my E-mail but am way behind in leaving comments. I think I’ll wait on more until you have a chance to get me approved again.

    I did like this one very much – it makes me apart of your life and makes me remember that oh yes, my daughter did that same stuff too. Somehow she lived through it (and so did I).


    1. I wonder why I had to approve you again. This post was all about random things, which I think I might make a regular Saturday post. Look at me get all specific on themes for days. I already have a few things for this week.

  2. Bounce bounce…:). Grandson was out playing in the yard today. A while later, I was trying to remove the green snot mustache that comes from wiping a nose with an arm. Did I mention he’s ambidextrous? Anyway, I look down and see a pile of dirt at my feet. Evidently, it’s mating season because it was not alone. Grateful it was dirt and not mud, but… Random, but that’s what I thought of:). Angie

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