Unpopular truth beats popular lies

Truth is constantly under attack by popular lies. Everyday people wake up and put on an image that they wear in order to fit the profile of who they hope to become.  The problem is that any attempt at popularity is superficial and fleeting.  As believers in Christ, our call is not to just go with the world.  We are to be devoted to God’s ways, even when those ways are not popular.

 Stand up Straight

When you stand up straight, you look confident in who you are and what you believe. So, that is the picture I have in my mind when I come to this verse in Proverbs 14

“He whose walk is upright fears the LORD, but he whose ways are devious despises him.” – Proverbs 14:2

Someone who is upright in their walk is someone who knows what is true and then lives it.  They do not wander around looking for the a better way to do something, they take the truth that God provides and they live it in real life.  Now, take that same picture and apply it to the world we live in each day.   We have been given the ability to know what is true and what is not true in the Bible, but unless we look at it, we can be easily persuaded to try something popular.   Unless we know the truth, how easily it is to get taken by any popular idea.

 “There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death.” Proverbs 14:12

People think a lot of things are right.  Without any direction, people will decide what level of right or wrong they want to live.   Sin is like that, isn’t it?  It always promises something amazing and then doesn’t deliver anything but heartache and death.

The Bible teaches us that the wages for sin is death.  (Romans 6:23) That means that there is always a price tag on sin.  We should not be so quick to jump into it, but pause and consider what it will actually cost.

Stand up straight, fight for what you believe in, you can make a difference.  Don’t cave in to pressure to conform and just be another average ___________ (fill in the blank).   Popularity is a waste of time because it lasts a short time. God is not popular in our culture, but in Him is eternity.

 Ignore Distractions

“A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps.” – Proverbs 14:15

People who are gullible will believe anything they hear.  This verse warns us not to just believe everything, but to be prudent.  That means we need to be cautious and filter all that we do through the Word of God. Without a basis for truth, everything that comes in the mind becomes something that could potentially be true.

Pay attention to what you take in and allow to shape your thoughts.  If you watched the Grammy Awards the other night, you saw how popular music has the power to shape culture.  This is not generally an encouraging thing for those of us with young children.

Keep your eye on the ball

 Keeping your eye on who matters 

The goal in this life is to know Jesus Christ and to glorify Him.  That means not taking the most popular route, but taking the way that matters.  We do this best when we keep our eye on who matters.

Football season is now over.  But, even in the Super Bowl there were some dropped passes.  Dropped passes are often the result of poor concentration.  Basically, the player takes their eye off the ball.

As a believer we are told to fix our eyes on Jesus.  (Hebrews 12:2)  – Why?

“The fear of the LORD is a fountain of life, turning a man from the snares of death.” – Proverbs 14:27

  Because this is a matter of life or death.  We are talking about eternity here.   When you follow God you have security, when you honor him and pay attention to what He would have you do, there is life.

We have a home, that is not this one that we have to look forward to.  I know that people young and old who think they will never die, but death is all around us.  This message matters for your life right now, so don’t just think you will wait until later to take your relationship with God seriously.

“Whoever has My commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves Me.  He who loves Me will be loved by my Father and I too will love him and show Myself to him. – John 14:21

It is time to stop just letting what is popular decide what you do, say, believe and think.  It is time to let God decide.

Unpopular truth beats popular lies all day long.



  1. Just followed you over from Google+. Thank you for the great article! I think another problem is that even very good Christians and very good people who believe in God and abide by his commandments can still be brainwashed these days and so often I hear: “God doesn’t love me, why did he send me this illness/problem …”.

    God does no such thing, God love each and every one of us, but we must study the issues in our daily lives to overcome the brainwashing and to learn to live a happy and healthy life even here on earth. I know it is possible – I live it!

    1. Equating the love that God has or doesn’t have for you based on problems in life is upside down. Circumstances don’t change the goodness of God. No one wants to go through suffering, but there is joy to be found in it. This joy looks different than what one might think because it comes from God. — More on that in a post I have coming in the next few days– Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment here. I appreciate that very much.

  2. AMEN!

    Do you know how sometimes when you read the word a verse will jump at you and you feel like you are noticing it for the first time even though you know you have read it several times before? That just happened to me with the Proverbs 14:15 reference.

    Thanks for this. (And I did call my sister. Something in your previous post really hit a nerve with me and her face came to mind. I need to show her the love on a much more regular basis and not just at Christmas/bday, etc. Thank you for the unintended push in the right direction.)

  3. Amen! So trying to pass this along to my SS kids, my grown kids and my grand kids. Making progress, but it’s slow! Gotta know what you believe and why and then Stan up and be counted– carry your cross. Great post, as usual. Angie

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