Drop Where You Stop

Today I take you on a fun journey.  A journey over a few years of my second son falling asleep at random places.  This is really funny when you put it together like this.  It just goes to show you the importance of sleeping past 5:30 a.m.(I wrote about that the other day)  But, just try telling him that! So, I present to you a photo post “Drop Where You Stop.” Enjoy!

Sleeping on the lawn

Falling Asleep while Praying

Sleeping at dinner # 1

Sleeping at dinner # 2

Sleeping at dinner #3

Living Room Floor

Office Floor

Living Room Again

Front Door

Sleeping in the car


  1. You could make a flip book for his future enjoyment:) My oldest used to fall asleep standing up. Kids are so funny! I feel for your 5:30 mornings! Angie

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