Enjoying 5:30 a.m.

Falling asleep in random places (post for another time)

Some people will read the title and tell me it is not possible to enjoy 5:30 a.m. For whatever reason, my kids have decided that sleep is not a necessary commodity for them past 5:30 a.m.  This seems to be fine with them, but much harder for my wife and I.  Lately it has been my two-year old boy who has been getting out of bed at around 5:30 a.m.  Every morning I am awakened by the sound of him obnoxiously opening his bedroom door.  So, I jump out of bed and quickly move him downstairs to avoid any potential for waking up his brothers and sister. Once more than one of them are awake, things start to vibrate around here.

The truth is my kids are growing up, as hard as it is to admit that.  I know many people who have told me that the time goes fast, but I would rather not believe it.  It is at these times of little sleep that I hope it happens sooner.  I try to remind myself that I will miss these days someday. When I get up with him, grab a blanket and sit on the couch, these are times I will never have back again.   This is an opportunity to bond with my son away from the rest of the kids.  A time that he enjoys and that he might even remember later on in life.

Life is invariably filled with surprises.  Naturally we want everything to go perfectly for us without any unexpected interruptions.  Last week I sat at a green light behind a car for the entire length of that light.  Just as it turned yellow, the car turned the corner and there I sat.   Why does that happen when I am in a hurry?  It just so happens that I was with my two-year old son again.  So, yes more time at a red light, but that is time with him that I will never have back again.  We sang a song and just had a great time.

It is definitely important to pay close attention to all the opportunities that we have before us each day.   For me it is my kids, but everyone has those things that come up each day.  We would be wise not to miss anything because before we know it, those opportunities are gone.

So, while 5:30 a.m. is early.  It will be nothing compared to how early it will seem that my children grow and become less dependent on me.  For now, I think I will enjoy my early mornings with my them.  I can sleep later.  Besides, coffee tastes so much better when I am sleep deprived.

Have a blessed Sunday!  Go Packers!



  1. Sleep deprivation is one of the side-effects of parenthood. I’m glad you’re able to roll with it instead of letting it turn you into a grouch (well that’s probably a most of the time statement lol) Then you have grandkids and it starts over. Fortunately you can send them home!

    Yes, it passes much more quickly than you know. Soon, they’re gone and the nest is empty and you long for those days again, often wishing you had focused on them more instead of the busyness that accompanies young adulthood. Angie

  2. It’s not just a stage with kids. We went through it with the puppies too. Nothing like 5:30 am to decide it’s time to play!!! Yippee!!!

    Both former puppies are gray already. I can’t believe they’re more than halfway through their natural lives. And my daughter has been out of college and working for nearly a decade.

    1. I guess we won’t be getting a puppy. It isn’t so bad I guess, I just wish that they would sleep in occasionally. But, I just need to enjoy it while I have it because it will be over soon and that is sad.

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