No gifts will be returned in this house.

I hear that people who estimate are estimating that there will be $46 billion in Christmas gift returns this year.  Honestly, that makes me uneasy.  With all the effort that so many put into gift giving and the extra work that so many people do in order to afford these gifts, it seems completely rude to just turn around and get cash for them.  One of the most exciting parts of Christmas for me is to be able to watch my kids open up their gifts that we have carefully chosen for them based on their likes.

As you see below, they really did enjoy their gifts this year.

Taking the toolbox to bed

Riding the tractor and singing

New Lego set

We hope to teach our kids to be thankful for whatever is given to them, no matter how large or small.  If it isn’t their favorite thing, that is alright because someone thought enough to get them something.  We should never take it for granted that we will get loaded with gifts.

We have a lot to be thankful for.  God gives to each one of us so many good gifts.  Even the worst of circumstances have blessings in them, even if they are hard to see.  I know if I enjoy giving my kids gifts this much, I can’t even imagine what it is like for God to have given us all that He has.  When Jesus came it was in love that God sent Him.

So, I am thankful that God loved me so much that He gave me a way to Him in Jesus Christ.  I am thankful that in this world now there are people who love my family and bless us in many ways each year.  My kids are amazing and even all the early mornings and stress are worth it when I get that little “I love you so much dad.”    To watch them open up their gifts that we chose for them was amazing as they jumped up and down in excitement because it was appreciated.  Sure, it is just stuff, but it is the idea behind that stuff that makes it important.

This year my 7-year-old son took an ornament off the tree, wrapped it in a box with a handwritten note that said, “To Mom and Dad.  You guys are cool. Peace.”  To some that would be ridiculous and tacky.  To me it was the most precious thing because it was something he did on his own for us.  He was simply giving from what he had.  I would never want to take that back for any amount of cash.

Let’s not reduce this season of giving to a bunch of money changing hands.  It that is all it is, then let’s not do it anymore.  I have had enough of the money thing and the constant drone about how retailers need to make money.  Who cares how important this is for retailers?

It is about the people, not about the dollars.



  1. I wish more people felt this way. I have someone in my life whom I no longer buy for, because he can’t learn to receive graciously. He’s learning slowly, but… I think it’s sad, too, that people are more interested in getting what they want than in the spirit of Christmas and giving. So what if we don’t exactly love everything we recieve. It’s not about that, but our society has become so ‘all about me’ that they are often ungrateful if they didn’t get exactly what they want (and probably asked for specifically). How sad. How sad, as well, that people often reject THE gift of Christmas – our Savior, Jesus Christ. He gave all, but it wasn’t good enough for so many who want to reject Him outright or add works to his gift. Thank you so much for saying it out loud.

  2. I agree with you if the gift is thoughtful. That’s not my experience, which is why I return so many gifts. We’ve explained it to our families and their attitude is they get what they like and it’s too bad if we don’t like it. Example – my husband never wears sweaters but get them frequently. When my daughter was in parochial school, I’d hear “I know she can’t wear it to school but I liked the outfit”. The “outfit” wasn’t something I’d even let her wear on the weekends, let alone to school.

    After several fights, I gave up. I either return them (my husband got flannel shirts this year, something else he doesn’t wear) or put them in the Goodwill bag.

    Also, thanks for subscribing to my blog. That was very nice of you.


    1. Your reasons make sense. My point really is that there is too much selfishness going on in both the giving and receiving. The amount of returns is unbelievable to me.

      Your blog is very nice and I was really impressed with your writing. I will look at it some more.

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