Merry Christmas– Rejoice, the King is born

Merry Christmas!

Christmas is an important day on our Christian calendar because it is the day we remember God coming to us.  It is in Jesus Christ that salvation came to all of us.   It is only when this is remembered, that all the festivities have true significance.  As all the gifts were coming, my 4-year-old son kept saying, “ok, that’s enough gifts.”  Somehow I think that he is not thinking that way this morning.

Christmas falls on a Sunday this year, the Lord’s Day.   What an amazing opportunity to come together and worship God.   There might be people coming to churches this morning that are lonely or hurting and need someone to pray with them.  There might be people who have finally concluded that this Jesus that is celebrated is more than just a historical figure, but is their Savior.

Whatever happens today, I pray that we will be all have the opportunity to proclaim Christ to the world.

Joy to the World!  The Lord is Come!

Whatever your day consists of, I trust that you will rejoice in the One who has come to us.

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Have a Merry Christmas! 


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