12-5 = 11

Everyday when I get home there are papers from school at my place at the dinner table.  My oldest son is in 2nd grade and has been having an increased amount of homework. I notice some interesting things when I read his homework; mainly how honest he is with school.  Notice the date in the picture to the left. It is obvious that they have been working on subtraction problems, isn’t it?   His understanding of directions is a lot of fun for us also.  For example, there was a whole section of his homework that he left blank recently.  The directions of that section said, “think about these problems.”  When asked why he didn’t do it, he said, “I did it. I thought about them.”  Another fill in the blank asked about how certain numbers were related.  To that he had written, “I don’t know.”  I like that, it is honest.  Why fake it if you don’t know?

The honesty of children is refreshing at times.   At other times, it is a bit more awkward.  These moments usually come from my 4 year old.  We went to a store last week and the lady at the check-out had a nose ring.  He looks at her and immediately says, “What’s that in your nose?  Does it hurt?  Why do you put things in your nose?”  Thankfully, she was really gracious with him.  I have had other times when people have been a bit more rude about his musings.

We can learn a lot from our kids.  I know having kids makes me think in simpler terms about everything.  There is really no choice.  My 4 year old on a recent trip to the bathroom saw a sign on a urinal that said, ‘Out of Order.’  His reply, “They should get more order for that, it is all out.”  Just this morning my wife told the kids that her to do list was not in written form, but in her head.  Immediately, my two year old son went over to her and starting looking at her head.  He then exclaimed, “I can’t find it.” These things are so insightful; how do you argue with them?   We let them be innocent and honest, knowing that with each moment they are that much closer to growing up.  I, personally, find their world far more exciting.



  1. Derek, Grandma Lynn forwarded this to me, I’m so glad to get it, the only other things forwarded were births of babies. I have one on Lynn that she prob. can”t remember, We were describing an eclipse to her, and Jim then said, I think the lite bulb went on, her saying dad you must be seeing things, there”s no lite bulb around here. I was so glad to see a wife mentioned in the last part. I missed seeing you mentioned only I. Thanks again for being such a wonderful husband, father and grandson in law. R

    1. There are so many things my kids teach me, it is amazing. I have multiple posts started on their anecdotes. So far I can use them as examples, but I guess as they get older I will have to stop doing that.

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