The Holiday Sing-Along

After I wrote the post for the holiday tree, my 7 year old proceeded to come home with an invitation for us to come to school next week for a “holiday sing along.”  This made me wonder, “If the school is having a holiday sing along, but are not specifically naming a holiday, what holiday is it we are going to be singing about?”    We don’t have theme parties without themes, do we? If I told you I was having a party next year, but told you nothing else, how helpful would that be?  We can’t be that vague because I might be having a birthday party and you are assuming it is a Christmas in July celebration. (whoops I said Christmas)  It just does not make sense to be so general with something like that.

Then I come across this article about a school that claims to have “inadvertently” removed Christmas songs or Hanukkah songs, or any songs that have some reference to belief from their school programs.   How do you inadvertently do that?  This brings me back to my main point here.   What  is the big deal?   Is this not the season we are in?  These holidays, beliefs and all, are the holidays people are preparing for, right?  These holidays are what all the lights are about, the Santa is the mall is for and why people are spending next year’s income.  Why is it offensive to call something what it is?

If you want to sing holiday songs, that’s great.  Just, please, pick a holiday and let us know what it is. St. Patrick’s day is much different than Easter, or Thanksgiving.   Should I wear pastels, find a kiss me I’m Irish pin, or locate an ugly sweater?  Bottom line, If you can’t call it what it is, then let’s call it what it isn’t. —  A Christmas sing-along.


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