‘Tis the Season – Part 1

I don’t need to tell anyone that the Christmas season is upon us or that this is a unique portion of the calendar year.  We know it to be a time when we are allowed to watch endless Christmas specials, listen to Christmas music (not too early, though), eat candy canes,  and cookies without counting.  With this season comes a level of stress for many, but also a certain calmness that is inherent with sitting in a dark room with just the Christmas tree lights on. This is a season beautifully placed at a time of year when the sun goes down early, the days get colder and often snow falls; providing a picturesque backdrop to it all.  Christmas is also the one time of year that we distinctly celebrate the point in history when God entered the world He created in order to save it.

Seasons are significant.  If a Christmas tree was put up in June, or the church had a candlelight service in May, it would feel out of place.  Can you imagine if we swapped Independence Day with Christmas?  We would be able to have the fireworks earlier because the sun is down, but the weather wouldn’t be as much fun to be out in.   In July the weather outside would not be frightful, but rather delightful.  Frosty the snowman would be replaced with sand castles and a sleigh ride would turn into a pontoon boat tour.  It would just be all out of sorts!   We have a distinct understanding of seasons when it comes to holidays and rightfully so.

What if we had the same understanding of seasons as they relate to life?  In life there are many seasons as well.  They each come at a very specific time and end at a very specific time. Life consists of grade school, college, marriage, children, an empty nest, retirement and various areas in between.  It is important to understand and be content with the season that you are in.   Contentment also needs to coincide with a realistic view of what you can and can’t do.    For example, I currently have four young children in my house.  As a youth pastor, I am not able to do as many evening things with the students in my ministry because I have my own children to tend to right now.  This is not a hinderance, but rather an opportunity that needs to be embraced.  We must be ok with the season we are in and be 100% there.    After all, youth ministry does not come at the sacrifice of one’s own family.

Whatever the season, enjoy it because soon the tree will come down and you will need to justify eating a half dozen cookies again.


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