No Throw Aways — What?

Youth Ministry is a challenging and dynamic ministry to serve in. At times,  the challenges can overshadow some of the most obvious and most meaningful opportunities that are present in the lives of  teens.  I have had my fair share of youth group nights where I have wondered what it is all about.  I have had moments when after all have gone home and I am getting into my car that I have begged God to let me do something else.  I have had nights when I have a great plan put together only to have it completely fall apart. That is the inherent challenge when you work with teens.

With the challenges come significant reward as well.  We get to see teens question, struggle, challenge and ultimately settle some important truths in their minds.  We get to work alongside teens that have a heart for serving the Lord and want to encourage their peers to do the same.  We get to be a part of who they are and what that means for eternity!

It is within this frame of mind that I am writing this blog.  I know there are probably a million youth ministry blogs out there.  All I am intending to do here is to be a part of the conversation about what it means to be absolutely intentional in youth ministry.  I also intend to take a broader look at that as it relates to my own family and overall life on intentionality. I do believe that we that serve in youth ministries have such a unique opportunity that should not be squandered or distorted by the appeal of worldly relevance.   I believe that there are no such things as throw away nights or events in youth ministry, or life.  Every single moment we have with the people in our lives is a significant moment that should not be wasted.   So, here we go – No Throw Aways – 100% Intentional Ministry, Family, Living.


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